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Is it necessary to install cooking fume monitoring? _Principle of oil smoke detector

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-04
Is it necessary to install cooking fume monitoring? _Principle of oil smoke detector
China is a country with an ancient civilization and a place with a long food culture. Each place has its own distinctive characteristics due to its specific economic structure, way of thinking and cultural environment, which are also local characteristics.

With the rapid development of the catering industry, a lot of oil fume will be produced. There are more than 300 harmful substances in oil fume. If people inhale too much oil fume, it will cause loss of appetite, decreased immunity, breathing difficulties, and lung cancer. At the same time, it can also cause pollution to the atmosphere, and cooking fume is also one of the main sources of urban PM2.5. Therefore, the country has long established policies requiring restaurants that produce oil fume to install oil fume purification facilities.

Current status of oil fume supervision:

1. There are many catering companies, widely distributed, and limited law enforcement personnel, making it difficult to conduct fast and effective supervision.

2. The traditional oil fume detection method is the sampling method, and the sample needs to be brought back to the laboratory for analysis, which has high cost, low efficiency, cumbersome steps and poor timeliness.

3. In some areas, portable oil fume detectors are used to obtain oil fume data on the spot, but manual visits are still required. The monitoring range is limited, the coverage rate is low, and 24-hour real-time monitoring is not possible.

4. It is difficult to find that the catering unit turns on the oil fume purification equipment abnormally after the law enforcement officers leave, and the catering unit needs to be self-disciplined.

5. The catering unit data needs to be manually registered and screened and then entered into the system, which is cumbersome and backward in search methods.

Why should the catering industry install oil fume online monitors?

1. Oil smoke disturbs the residents:

The problem of oil smoke disturbs the residents at present, which seriously affects the normal life of residents. Many restaurants around Residents even have the smell of oily smoke in their homes, which is miserable. At the same time, it will endanger people’s health and pollute the urban atmospheric environment;

2. Law enforcement is unfounded:

Manual monitoring by law enforcement personnel cannot be achieved, all-weather supervision, and often When I arrived at the scene when complaints from residents were received, the 'place of the crime' had already changed its appearance, making law enforcement difficult and costly.

3. Difficulty in management:

There are a large number of catering units in the city, which are widely distributed, and it is difficult to manage. The oil fume online monitoring system can help law enforcement agencies informatize and standardize management;

4. Supervision:

To solve the problem of oil fume pollution from the source, it is necessary for the catering unit to consciously use, clean and maintain the oil fume purification facilities to make the oil fume emission reach the standard. If the restaurant owner does not turn on the oil fume purification facility or the oil smoke emission exceeds the standard, or does not regularly clean and maintain it, the system will immediately find out that the early warning value will remind the restaurant owner. If it exceeds the local standard, it will automatically send a text message to the restaurant. The data is sent to surveillance and law enforcement personnel.

Principle of the oil fume detector

The oil fume detector uses the principle of charge detection to test the emission concentration of dietary fume. The fume aerosol particles are charged when they pass through a high-voltage electric field. Under the action of electric field force and flowing air flow, It is pushed to the charge collection network, and a signal is generated in the circuit connected to the collection network. The change of the signal is proportional to the concentration of the exhaust fumes. The concentration of the fumes can be obtained after the detection signal is processed and converted.

It can measure the concentration of oil fume, particulate matter, and non-methane total hydrocarbon (NMHC) concentration in the kitchen exhaust pipe for 24 hours. It can complete the whole process from oil fume concentration detection, data processing, analysis and display to record transmission on site

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