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Rika Sensor is a weather sensor manufacturer and environmental monitoring solution provider with 10+ years of industry experience.

Is Rika Sensors an OBM?
Hunan Rika Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd has some items under our own brands to increase corporate value such as data logger . For these parts, we are responsible for everything from production and development, supply chain, delivery, and marketing. Our company is a company worthy of attention, dedicated to producing world-class products and providing customized services. We provide our customers with the highest quality products in an uncompromising manner, which helps us establish a solid foothold in the domestic and global markets.

Rika Sensors occupies the abroad radiation sensor market with high quality and competitive prices. Rika Sensors produces a number of different product series, including soil sensor. A series of inspections for Rika submersible water level sensor will be carried out, mainly including stress corrosion cracking, fatigue failure analysis, surface roughness, dimension accuracy, anti-corrosion performance, and so on. This product is able to withstand huge air humidity. Its dyes contain no harmful chemicals that can cause sensitive skin to become inflamed, itchy, uncomfortable and even unbearable. This product has a compact design with no moving parts.

We have set up our sustainability practices. We aim to mitigate the impact of our activities on the environment by decreasing CO2 emissions and improving our recycling rate.
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