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It’s still raining, the double tipping bucket rain gauge tells you how much rainfall it is

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-21
It’s still raining, the double tipping bucket rain gauge tells you how much rainfall it is
'It's raining again'!

Recently, the continuous heavy precipitation brought by strong convective weather has made 'Rain Shui Jun' a frequent visitor every day. He comes and goes in a hurry. It is described as torrential rain, pouring rain, and violent storm. Sense of harmony.

However, many times the rainfall data monitored by the Meteorological Department is less than 20 mm, which has not yet reached the standard for heavy rain, let alone heavy rain. Even if the rainfall reaches 20 mm, which meets the standard of short-term heavy rainfall (1 hour rainfall ≥ 20 mm), it is still not heavy rain. If the rainfall is less than 10 mm, it will be light rain at best. Obviously, this is contrary to people's perception that rainfall is judged by the severity of rain and the size of raindrops. Therefore, sometimes the pouring rain may not be a torrential rain, and the patters may not be light rain. The level of rainfall depends on the data.

For rainfall statistics, it is necessary to use rain gauges to measure. With the development of sensors and Internet of Things technology, the use of high-precision tipping bucket rain gauges to monitor rainfall has become the main method of rainfall measurement. Based on this, based on the traditional tipping bucket rain gauge, the RS-YL-N01/PL-6S series of double tipping bucket rain gauge was developed. The inner diameter of the rain opening is 200mm, with a more accurate measurement error of ≤±2%. Reach the national accuracy level I standard; output 485 type or pulse type signal with 0.2mm/0.1mm resolution. The equipment is composed of rain gauge shell, rain-bearing opening, funnel, tipping bucket support, upper tipping bucket rain adjustment support, rain gauge base, etc. The core component of the tipping bucket adopts a three-dimensional streamlined design and is made of stainless steel, which makes the tipping bucket more smooth, and has the functions of self-cleaning dust and easy cleaning.


Integrated positioning structure, easy to install

Different from other tipping bucket rain gauges, the tipping bucket sleeve of this equipment is an integrated positioning structure, and the tipping bucket passes through the tipping bucket shaft. Installed in the bearing, no need for on-site installation of the internal structure. At the same time, the inclination screw is sealed with red paint. When the user installs the instrument on site, he only needs to adjust the horizontal bubble to the center position in accordance with the relevant requirements of the manual. Installation has brought convenience.

Beautiful appearance, easy to clean and maintain

The core part of the equipment adopts a three-dimensional streamlined design, and is designed with a drooping curved diversion tip, which makes its shape more beautiful and smooth, and has a water-turning performance. Better, easier to clean and maintain.

High measurement accuracy and small error

The shell is made of 304 stainless steel, which can avoid long-term rainwater impact and rusting of the equipment and affecting the sensitivity of the tipping bucket. Install meshes at the funnel to prevent leaves and other debris from blocking the rainwater flow and reduce the error caused by stagnant water. At the same time, the coupling distance between the magnetic steel and the reed pipe is fixed to ensure that the signal output by the instrument has a certain proportional relationship with the number of flipping bucket flips, so that the measured rainfall is more accurate.

In addition, the double tipping bucket rain gauge also has the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability, long transmission distance, small size, and good stability. It can be installed and used separately or can be used with our weather station. The monitoring cloud platform constitutes a weather monitoring system, which is used by relevant departments such as weather stations, hydrological stations, agriculture, forestry, and national defense to monitor rainfall changes in time, and provide accurate, true and timely reference for flood prevention and disaster prevention.

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