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Jinqi Autumnal Equinox Weather Station, the wind is clear and dew is cold and the autumn is half

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-22
Jinqi Autumnal Equinox Weather Station, the wind is clear and dew is cold and the autumn is half

The autumnal equinox is the sixteenth solar term in the twenty-four solar terms, which coincides with the half of the autumn. Just as the book 'Chunqiu Fanlu · Yin and Yang Enters and Out of Part' says: 'Autumn equinox is accompanied by yin and yang, so both day and night But the cold and the heat are flat'. Contrary to the warmer weather and shorter days and shorter nights after the vernal equinox, the days are shorter and the nights are longer and the coolness becomes stronger after the autumnal equinox.

With the arrival of the autumnal equinox, it means that Siberian cold air is about to hit, which will bring two obvious changes in autumn. The first change is that the temperature will gradually decrease. As the saying goes, 'One autumn rain and one cold, ten autumn rains must wear cottonThe greater the coming, the overall trend of the weather will also become colder day by day.

In addition to the colder weather, the second change is that the amount of precipitation will decrease; in rural areas, according to solar terms, farmers’ friends have created countless agricultural proverbs through experience to guide farming and life, including The saying 'there is no rain on the autumnal equinox, and everything does not grow' emphasizes the importance of rain during the autumnal equinox. Although this rural saying has no clear scientific basis, it still fully illustrates the harmfulness of the autumnal equinox drought.

After the autumnal equinox, the summer and the cooler alternate, and the precipitation will gradually decrease. Once the autumn drought occurs, its harm cannot be ignored. Therefore, while enjoying the cool autumn weather, we should also strengthen the environmental weather monitoring. When it comes to weather monitoring, we need to go to the agricultural weather station.

The development of traditional agriculture mainly relies on manpower and natural resources. Therefore, it is easily affected by the weather. In addition, traditional agricultural production itself has a large workload, high cost, and low efficiency. It is difficult to meet the modern requirements for agriculture: high efficiency, high yield, and high quality. Therefore, in accordance with social needs and existing technologies, an agro-meteorological station based on the Internet of Things technology has been manufactured and launched. The Internet of Things technology in agricultural weather stations is based on the Internet of Things, which extends and expands the user side to between things to carry out information exchange and communication.

The agro-meteorological station is an advanced equipment widely used in agricultural production, which can accurately measure the changes in temperature, humidity and precipitation in the environment after the autumn equinox is uploaded. This is mainly due to the weather station Uniqueness of the design: The agro-meteorological station uses two poles, a fixed expansion screw mounting pole and a fixed tripod mounting pole. Such a pole design can not only cope with the harsh outdoor environment, but also support the installation of up to eight environments. The monitoring equipment, and the detection of temperature, humidity and precipitation, are the weather shutters and rain gauges among them.

Each sensor component of the agro-meteorological station is an independent individual, one line is connected to one device, and the building blocks are installed. It can add elements at any time in the later stage without returning to the factory for processing, saving time and improving efficiency for monitoring. Therefore, in addition to real-time monitoring of the most obvious changes in temperature and precipitation during the autumnal equinox, different sensor equipment can be exchanged according to the season to monitor 28 meteorological elements such as humidity, wind speed, wind direction, atmosphere, and soil humidity in real time. Scientific predictions provide powerful help for agricultural production now and in the future.

The autumnal equinox season has important guiding significance for agricultural production. It not only reminds people to do a good job of autumn harvest management, but also reminds people to learn more about environmental changes. For farmers, the autumn equinox is actually a time to record the 'autumn timeFor people in the northern hemisphere, during the rest of the time after the autumnal equinox and solar terms this year, the sun’s exposure point is getting farther and farther from the northern hemisphere, and the northern hemisphere is getting cooler. Prepare to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival.

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