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Launched a smart agricultural wireless irrigation system based on LoRa wireless networking technology

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-17
Launched a smart agricultural wireless irrigation system based on LoRa wireless networking technology
As a large agricultural country, China's annual agricultural water consumption accounts for about 65% of the total water consumption. But its irrigation water utilization rate is only 40%. Compared with the high utilization rate of 70% to 80% in advanced water-saving countries, the gap is obvious.

Water conservancy is the lifeblood of agriculture. For large-scale planting, traditional artificial irrigation not only wastes manpower, but also cannot accurately grasp the amount of soil moisture, which leads to uneven irrigation and waste of water resources to varying degrees. .

How to effectively improve the utilization rate of water resources in agriculture?

Smart irrigation

What is smart irrigation

Smart irrigation, as the name implies, is an automatic irrigation system that does not require manual monitoring, automatically senses irrigation demand information, and automatically executes irrigation tasks.

In agricultural production, the promotion and application of smart irrigation systems not only effectively solve the problem of agricultural water waste, but also turn the slogan 'water saving' into a key part of action. Studies have shown that the water utilization coefficient of smart irrigation has been increased from 0.6 to 0.9.

With the advancement of science and technology, more and more new technologies are applied to agriculture, and LoRa wireless networking technology is one of them.

Intelligent irrigation, increase production and income without increasing water

With rich industry experience and professional technology, we independently developed a new intelligent agricultural wireless irrigation system. The system consists of LoRa gateways, sensors (weather sensors + soil Sensors), irrigation valves, and agricultural forecasting cloud platform. The system mainly uploads the collected agricultural environmental data to the agricultural four conditions forecasting platform through 4G/Ethernet, etc., to view and control real-time data.

The intelligent agricultural wireless irrigation system uses the ultra-long-distance, low-power LoRa wireless transmission technology based on spread spectrum communication, which can affect the environmental temperature, humidity, light intensity, soil temperature, and soil moisture in agricultural production. Real-time monitoring of other elements, analysis and processing of sensor data information. Using the set threshold or human intervention as the control condition for the operation of the irrigation equipment to realize intelligent irrigation has changed the problem of the contradiction between the transmission distance and the power consumption in the past.

The core of the smart agricultural wireless irrigation system lies in the LoRa gateway.

The LoRa gateway adopts a metal sheet metal shell, with its own shielding, anti-interference, and more stable on-site operation. The gateway can pair with 32 sensors and 32 control valves for 3km transmission. It supports simultaneous communication of two LoRa channels, two different communication rates can be set to ensure short-distance high-speed communication, long-distance reliable communication, and special encryption technology to ensure that it is not monitored, reliable control, and prevent wrong command actions.

Advantages of smart agricultural wireless irrigation system

1. LoRa wireless networking technology

LoRa network has long transmission distance, low working power consumption, many networking nodes, and anti-interference Strong, low cost and other characteristics. Not only avoids the inconvenience of wiring, but also improves the flexibility of the water-saving irrigation control system.

2. Precision irrigation

The system can provide precision irrigation to plants through the data monitored by soil sensors, the water demand law and water demand of different plants. Intelligently control irrigation equipment to irrigate water in a timely and appropriate amount. Scientifically and effectively control soil moisture, and carry out reasonable scheduling, plan water use and optimize water distribution, so as to save production costs, reduce production energy consumption, and increase the output and quality of agricultural products.

3. Principle of pulse control

Based on years of painstaking research and development, we have made the following designs specifically for valve control scenarios. The switch of the irrigation valve is controlled by the pulse signal, so there is no need to continuously output the signal during irrigation. That is to ensure low power consumption, but also to ensure the timeliness of control response, using Lora wireless communication technology and low power consumption technology, on the basis of guaranteeing the maximum battery life of 3 years, it can achieve the control from the mobile phone APP to the valve within 2S. Switch, switch 4 times a day.

4. Intelligent control

For the convenience of customers, the intelligent agricultural wireless irrigation system provides three irrigation control modes: manual control, automatic control, and timing control. Users can use our agricultural four-condition forecasting platform to automatically control valves based on sensor data.

5. Simple installation

The smart agricultural wireless irrigation system is easy to operate, easy to maintain, and does not require wiring.

6. Free agricultural four situation forecasting platform

Provides a free agricultural four situation forecasting platform, which has both PC and mobile terminals (WeChat official account, applet and APP), and managers can remotely real-time anytime, anywhere View and control, support real-time data monitoring, historical data query/export, over-limit alarm and other functions.

7. Unification for multiple purposes

In addition to being used in agricultural fields, the smart agricultural wireless irrigation system can also be used in agricultural greenhouses, orchards, tea gardens, medicine gardens, parks, hydrology and water conservancy, gardens and other places.

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