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Light tea talk, the temperature and humidity monitoring system in the tea warehouse

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-17
Light tea talk, the temperature and humidity monitoring system in the tea warehouse

Tea is an indispensable healthy drink in people’s daily life. People have extremely high requirements for the quality of tea, but tea is very easy to deteriorate and is not easy to store. It is very difficult to handle it during storage. Easily affect its quality.

Tea, as a dry product, has strong adsorption power to moisture and peculiar smell in the surrounding environment. During the storage of tea, the temperature and humidity in the warehouse are too high, which will cause the amino acids in the tea to be too high. , Tea polyphenols and other components accelerate oxidation, and tea leaves brown rapidly in a short time and lose their original fragrance; therefore, tea leaves are more susceptible to pollution by peculiar smells, harmful microorganisms and toxins.

Tea storage standards

Take Pu'er as an example. Pu'er tea is stored in a dry warehouse to avoid moisture, but it should not be too dry and requires a certain amount of water vapor. It is best to keep the humidity in the storage environment between 45% and 65%. When the temperature in the tea warehouse is constant at 24°C to 25°C, the enzyme activity in the tea is the best. When the temperature is too low or too high, it will affect the changes of Pu'er tea. During the storage of the tea, the temperature will increase by 1°C. The rate of browning will increase 3-5 times.

In order to control the degree of changes in tea fermentation and ensure the quality of tea, it is necessary to install a temperature and humidity monitoring system and temperature and dehumidification equipment in the tea storage environment to ensure that the temperature and humidity of the warehouse meet the requirements for tea storage.

Temperature and humidity monitoring system

The temperature and humidity monitoring system is composed of temperature and humidity monitoring equipment, an environmental monitoring cloud platform, and temperature and humidity control and dehumidification equipment. The temperature and humidity sensor monitors the air in the storage environment in real time. The temperature and humidity in the environment are uploaded to the cloud platform so that when the temperature and humidity change in the environment, they can be adjusted in time.

The temperature and humidity transmitter RS-WS-ETH-Y adopts a high-precision temperature and humidity measurement unit, which can be self-calibrated on site, with good long-term stability and small drift; the probe line can extend up to 30 meters, and The protection level is high, and the probe can be extended into the tea pile, which reduces the man-hours of manual handling of the tea pile to measure the internal temperature and humidity, reduces the manpower consumption, and ensures the relative balance of temperature and humidity inside and outside the tea pile. Ensure that tea is always stored in a relatively stable storage environment.

In order to facilitate users to view various environmental data in real time and remotely control the operation of equipment, the RS-RJ-K environmental temperature and humidity monitoring platform software has also been launched, which can be connected to the company’s RS485 temperature and humidity monitoring platform. Humidity transmitters, network transmitters, etc., form a temperature and humidity monitoring network, which has the functions of temperature and humidity collection, recording, and alarm, and can support floor plan data display to facilitate overall monitoring.

The monitoring software supports multi-terminal real-time viewing, mobile phones, tablets or PCs can access the cloud platform at any time to view monitoring data in real time, quickly understand the current operating status of the equipment, and can query and export historical data Related data, the export format supports Excel, PDF, TXT format, is an environmental monitoring software platform widely used in the temperature and humidity monitoring industry.

The impact of temperature and humidity environmental monitoring system on tea storage

The temperature and humidity environmental monitoring system can collect real-time temperature and humidity data in the storage environment through temperature and humidity sensors, and automatically upload it to the environmental monitoring system , To overcome the shortcomings of manual handling monitoring that cannot be real-time; secondly, both the sensor and the monitoring platform can set the upper and lower limits of the temperature and humidity values. With remote linkage, managers can remotely control the operation of temperature-adjusting and dehumidifying equipment through environmental monitoring software, and make more effective judgments on the environment during tea storage, so that the storage quality of tea can be better guaranteed.

There are fairy products in the world, and tea is a treasure of plants and trees. It is quite famous overseas, and its reputation is in the cup. Tea glory too! Strong tea relieves spirits, weak tea nourishes spirit. Scented tea and intestines, clear tea to filter heart dust. The virtue of tea!

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