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Little expert in environmental monitoring of scenic spots-scenic weather station

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-21
Little expert in environmental monitoring of scenic spots-scenic weather station
In recent days, a Tibetan boy Ding Zhen who suddenly became popular because he was accidentally photographed with an innocent smile triggered a 'grabbing battle' between cultural, tourism and official blogs. All parties wanted to win the 'Sweet Wild Boys'. 'Each of them showed their talents, and wave after wave of beautiful offensives went on to battle, and the beautiful and delicacies of various places were once again pushed to the public.

In recent years, with the continuous development and progress of my country’s economy, people’s spiritual and cultural needs continue to increase, and my country’s tourism industry has developed rapidly. Monitoring has also become an indispensable task for the operation of scenic spots. For example, when we travel, we can always see a display screen with various data such as temperature, humidity, and negative oxygen ions in the scenic spot. Do you know how the above data comes from?

These data come from the scenic spot weather station set up in the scenic spot. It is designed to monitor the scenic spots' meteorological data. It can monitor the ecological environment elements and meteorological environment elements of the scenic spot in real time. It is the real-time weather conditions and ecological comfort of the scenic spot. Meteorological data such as degree indicators provide accurate and systematic data.

Scenic area ecological environment monitoring system

The scenic area environment monitoring system consists of monitoring terminal scenic weather station, data transmission technology, management software cloud platform, communication server, LED display, with automatic weather monitoring and real-time data display , Intelligent remote management, data analysis and storage functions.

The scenic weather station is a monitoring terminal designed for the ecological environment monitoring system of the scenic spot, with a MudBus-RTU master station interface, which can access PeopleSoft's air temperature and humidity, wind speed, wind direction, PM2.5 485 transmitters such as PM10, atmospheric pressure, etc. The detection elements can be freely matched; with solar power supply system and high-strength pole, it is resistant to wind, rain and snow, and can automatically monitor the changes of various meteorological elements in the scenic environment 24 hours a day.

The scenic spot environmental monitoring cloud platform is a remote monitoring center cloud platform equipped for scenic spot environmental monitoring. It can receive real-time data monitored by outdoor weather stations, support analysis, view and export historical data, and remotely set weather station data Parameter and other functions, support multiple login methods of computer web terminal, mobile APP and WeChat official account.

Communication server: In order to allow tourists to more intuitively understand the real-time weather data in the scenic spot, equipped with the communication server RS-DCEN-M, it can transmit the environmental data captured from the cloud platform to the distributed in real time The 8 LED displays can support a maximum of 512*1024 pixel LED screens.

Environmental monitoring system advantages

GPRS communication: The environmental monitoring system supports GPRS communication technology as the basis. Outdoor weather stations can actively send real-time data to the remote monitoring center cloud platform of the scenic spot through GPRS signals.

Multi-element monitoring: The outdoor weather station can monitor the environmental temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, light, wind speed, wind direction, PM2.5, PM10, negative oxygen ions, rainfall and other elements. You can freely choose and match according to the needs of the scenic spot .

Dual power supply system: solar power supply system + municipal 220V dual power supply system, which can be used in places where there is no electricity in the scenic spot; built-in storage battery, it can operate normally in cloudy days.

In addition to meeting spiritual and cultural needs, the purpose of people’s travels is that the good ecological environment of the scenic spot is also an important factor for tourists to visit. The meteorological environment monitoring of the scenic spot can not only provide real-time environmental monitoring data, but also respond to climate change for the scenic spot. Make correct judgments, improve the ability of scenic spots to defend against meteorological disasters, and provide tourists with a better tour experience.

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