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Management of Agricultural Meteorological Station

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-28
Management of Agricultural Meteorological Station

Meteorology and human production and life are inseparable. Therefore, understanding weather can better prevent and resist disasters and realize that weather serves agriculture.

Agri-meteorological station is a device that can automatically observe and store meteorological observation data. Its main function is to monitor wind, temperature, humidity, air pressure, grass temperature and other weather in real time. Factors and changes in the data of soil moisture content. There are many types of agricultural weather stations, but the structure is basically the same, mainly composed of sensors, collectors, system power supplies, communication interfaces, and peripheral equipment.

In the agricultural field, more and more attention has been paid to weather monitoring in recent years. Compared with the previous monitoring methods, due to the continuous improvement of the automation degree of the weather station, the weather station data collection Storage, management and processing are different from manual stations, and higher requirements are put forward for the business personnel's knowledge of weather stations, processing of suspected data, and computer operations. The daily operation and management of the automatic station business software must be carried out under the premise of ensuring the safety of data files. Data security is very important, and improper handling may cause serious consequences of data loss.

How is the agricultural weather station managed?

On-duty patrol management

The on-duty observers should insist on inspecting and managing the equipment when handing over the equipment during the specified time. Equipment to deal with various problems in time.

Management of the collector

The collector is the core of the automatic station. Once a failure occurs, all items will be missed . If the collector is running for a long time, data may not be able to be transmitted, and it can be restored to normal after a restart.

Management of rain sensor

The rain sensor is one of the most important instruments, and there are many failures, so it should be strengthened Management. The rain sensor failure is mainly caused by dust or small insects and other debris, and it should be cleaned frequently. Especially when precipitation is predicted, a cleaning should be carried out before precipitation. If there is no blockage and the rainfall data is still abnormal, consider whether the reed switch is damaged.

Management of temperature and humidity sensors

Temperature and humidity sensors are installed in the louver box, and the louver box should be cleaned and kept clean regularly. The temperature and humidity sensor should also be checked regularly. The head mesh cover of the sensor should be removed for cleaning every month. If the pollution is serious, it should be replaced with a new one. Do not touch the humidity-sensitive capacitor with your hands, so as not to affect the normal sensing. After strong winds and heavy rains, check whether there is any accumulation of water in the louvers. When snowfall or rime or rime appear in winter, they should also be removed in time.

Management of air pressure sensor

The air pressure sensor is installed in the collector box, and there are fewer abnormalities. In general, regular inspections are also required.

Management of wind speed and direction sensors

It should be noted whether they rotate flexibly and smoothly, and deal with any abnormalities in time.

Computer management

Finally, the weather station data must be displayed on the computer, and the uploaded data file will be formed and generated at the same time Various files are archived and preserved, and some real-time monitoring is also undertaken. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the weather station computer is in good working condition, check the anti-virus software frequently, and check and kill the invading computer viruses in time to ensure the normal operation of the weather station.

The agricultural weather station is composed of data acquisition sensors, weather monitoring host, power supply system, and GPRS/4G communication module. It can automatically collect weather monitoring data, configure temperature, humidity, wind speed, Wind direction and other special sensors that can be used for outdoor weather, can continuously collect and record the temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, solar radiation and other parameters of the monitoring point in real time online for 24 hours, and can be uploaded to the cloud platform .

One meteorological monitoring host can store 520,000 pieces of information. The monitoring host also has the function of power-off saving. If there is communication When the disconnected data cannot be uploaded, the monitoring host will automatically turn on the resume function to store the data. After the communication is restored, the data will be resumed to the cloud platform to ensure the integrity of the monitoring information.

The cloud platform can display in real time, save the received information for up to two years, and support users to view it anytime, anywhere Monitoring historical data and real-time data.

The rapid development of agriculture is inseparable from the guarantee of meteorological services. Agricultural producers can not only obtain agricultural meteorological data, but also have more time to take measures in advance to avoid losses , Make meteorological services for agriculture more targeted and instructive, and provide scientific guarantee for increasing agricultural production and income.

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