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Mantle Labs partners with Spire Global to power advanced weather warnings for agriculture

Mantle Labs partners with Spire Global to power advanced weather warnings for agriculture


Remote-sensing company Mantle Labs has partnered with space-based data and analytics specialist Spire Global to provide farmers with advanced warnings on crop health, weather, and pest and disease activity.

Powered by Spire’s space-based data and Mantle Labs’ AI-driven agriculture risk analytics suite, the partnership provides a clearer world view of global agriculture in previously unobserved regions.

Mantle Labs will now have access to critical weather data in Southeast Asia, India, South America and Africa, all of which currently lack adequate weather infrastructure.

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Radio occultation data collected by Spire’s satellites and analyzed by its advanced weather algorithm will complement crop health data by Mantle Labs. The partnership will unlock a comprehensive and reliable weather forecast to empower the agriculture industry and help them prevent losses.

John Lusk, vice president and general manager of global data services at Spire, said, “We are proud to be partnering with Mantle Labs to help farmers, banks, crop input, insurance and agri-commodity companies access previously difficult weather data in under-observed areas around the world in one of our most complementary partnerships to date. It is critical that technology reach these locations to empower farmers on the ground, maximize their profit and properly anticipate risk assessment, especially in the face of rapidly accelerating climate change.”

Swapnil Baokar, co-founder of Mantle Labs, said, “We operate in many countries where there is a lack of reliable weather monitoring. This leads to issues for industries like agriculture where weather data and forecasting are vital for risk mitigation. Our cutting-edge Geobotanics platform, powered by AI, is used by leading customers in food and agriculture. Adding Spire’s revolutionary technology will offer unprecedented access to high-quality weather forecasts at global scale and offer greater visibility into weather-related risks, helping the world’s farmers build climate resilience.”

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