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Matters needing attention when choosing a city grid environment monitoring station

Matters needing attention when choosing a city grid environment monitoring station

In the process of building an city environmental monitoring station, what specific issues do we need to pay attention to?
1. Determination of basic monitoring items
When purchasing gridded environmental monitoring stations, quotations are generally made based on the monitoring items requested by the customer. In the well-known e-commerce platform, the dust monitor is divided into 3 to 12 items, and the price also increases according to the monitoring items. Generally speaking, gridded environmental monitoring stations are capable of monitoring a variety of air factors. Common monitoring items include: PM2.5, PM10, temperature, humidity, wind, wind direction, and noise. The above are called conventional seven items. This is the most basic and error-free purchase monitoring item. Of course, in addition, you can also add such as: TSP (PM100), sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, VOC, ozone, rainfall, etc. according to the actual environmental needs.
2. Understand the monitoring method, range and accuracy
For gas detection, infrared principle sensors and electrochemical principle sensors are generally used. The detection is more accurate and stable, and the applied sensing materials have good anti-interference characteristics. However, for the measurement of PM2.5 and PM10 in environmental dust, the internationally recognized rapid and efficient laser diffuse scattering effect detection technology can be used. It can increase the minimum recognition ability of dust particles to less than 0.1 microns, and the recognition range can be up to 15 microns. The measurement accuracy is greatly improved, and the effect of dust adhesion is also well solved. And the range will also have different units such as PPB, PPM, ug/m3, etc., which can be selected according to the required accuracy.


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3. Network connection
In addition to important monitoring items and monitoring accuracy, the subsequent use experience of the device must not be ignored. Among them, network connection is one of the most critical parts. Whether you choose wired connection or wireless connection, you must consider the necessary conditions such as router, network speed, and connection stability. With the development of 4G and even 5G technologies, the Internet of Things card has also become a wireless connection method for more and more devices. When choosing a dust senso, it must be comprehensively considered according to the network status of the construction site. Although the transmission network of monitoring data is not complicated, if the problem cannot be solved properly according to local conditions, simply throw out a lot of connection methods for customers to choose, which is also an irresponsible behavior of suppliers.
4. Management platform software

Finally, the management platform software of the grid environment monitoring station can not be ignored, because many local units lack IT technicians, so they do not understand the software situation. In fact, the management platform not only plays a role in monitoring product operation, but also records, exports, and analyzes environmental monitoring data. How can this series of data be more easily and intuitively reflected? This requires gridded environmental monitoring Station manufacturers continue to optimize the management platform software. RIKA has our own cloud platform to provide customers, so please believe our strength and choose to cooperate with us.

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