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Meteorological Monitoring 4.0 Era: Resigning to Labor Inspection

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-29
Meteorological Monitoring 4.0 Era: Saying to Man-made Inspection
As a large agricultural country, people have attached great importance to the weather since ancient times. In ancient my country, people's main production method was agriculture, and they had to work hard every day. At this time, the weather directly affected the grain output. A heavy rain may cause the people to lose their grains, a year's hard work will be wasted, and they will be hungry. So as early as the Shang Dynasty, our country had a record of oracle bones that recorded wind, clouds, rain, and snow through divination. But science was very underdeveloped at that time, and weather forecasting relied on divination. To put it bluntly, it was just monstrous. The accuracy rate may be about the same as the accuracy of guessing the points by casting a dice. Later, some people began to master the laws of the weather through the accumulation of experience and knowledge learning. The most famous example here is that Zhuge Liang used the east wind to burn Chibi. Prime Minister Zhuge used his own experience and knowledge to figure out that the Chibi area will be blowing easterly, and then formulated The plan of attacking Cao Jun by fire. This is ancient weather monitoring.

In modern times, 'a pen, a piece of paper, a telegraph machine.' This 'oldest three' who accompanied generations of meteorological observers, outlines the deepest and clearest daily life in their memories . Obtaining observation data manually is not only difficult, but also inefficient. Since the observation work must be completed in accordance with the prescribed time and procedures, the more severe weather such as wind, rain, high temperature and severe cold, the more the observer must 'rush outForecaster, miss the best time to make a forecast.

Nowadays, our demand for weather is getting higher and higher. Farmers need more accurate precipitation information and temperature change information to determine when to plant seeds, when to harvest, and so on. While we have more demands on the weather, we also have more high-tech equipment for weather-weather stations.

Meteorological stations are widely used in my country's meteorological monitoring. There are different classifications for different fields. It is very necessary to choose appropriate weather stations according to different industry classifications. The following are simple categories of weather stations :

Surface meteorological observation stations are divided into three categories: national reference climate stations, national basic weather stations, and national general weather stations according to the attributes and functions of the observation services undertaken. In addition, there are unmanned weather stations. The stations undertaking meteorological radiation observation tasks are divided into first-level stations, second-level stations and third-level stations according to the number of observation items.

1. The first national reference climate station is referred to as reference station. It is a climate observation station set up to obtain fully representative long-term, continuous climate data in accordance with the national climate zoning and the requirements of the climate observation system. It is the backbone of the national climate station network. If necessary, it can undertake the task of observation business test.

2. National Basic Weather Station 1 is referred to as basic station. It is a meteorological observatory set up according to the needs of national climate analysis and weather forecast. Most of them are responsible for the exchange of regional or national meteorological information. They are the main body of the national weather and climate station network.

3. The national general weather station abbreviated as general station. It is a ground meteorological observation station set up according to the administrative division of a province (region, city). The observation data obtained is mainly used for the meteorological services of the province (region, city) and local, and it is also a supplement to the observation data of the national weather and climate station network.

4. The unmanned weather station is referred to as unmanned station. It is an unmanned weather observation station established by an automatic weather station in a place where it is inconvenient to establish an artificial observation station. It is used for the space encryption of the weather and climate station network. The observation items and the time of transmission can be set according to needs. In addition, mobile ground weather observation stations can be deployed to organize the needed ground weather observations according to the temporary needs of meteorological operations and services.

5. First-class meteorological radiation observation station. Radiation observatory for total radiation, scattered radiation, direct solar radiation, reflected radiation and net total radiation observations.

6. Meteorological radiation observation secondary station. Radiation observatory that conducts total radiation and net total radiation observations.

7. Three-level meteorological radiation observation station. Radiation observatory that only conducts total radiation observations.

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