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Methods of monitoring formaldehyde content and measures to remove formaldehyde_formaldehyde transmitter

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-01
Methods of monitoring formaldehyde content and measures to remove formaldehyde_formaldehyde transmitter
Formaldehyde has many uses in industry. Commonly used boards, paints, carpets, and wallpapers for interior decoration contain and release formaldehyde. The main ways humans are exposed to formaldehyde are inhalation through the respiratory tract, ingestion through the mouth, and contact through the skin.

Formaldehyde is toxic. The first thing many people do when decorating their houses is to remove formaldehyde. Because the content of formaldehyde exceeds the standard, the human body will have symptoms such as skin allergies, poor resistance, anxiety, breathing difficulties, and even coma. , Blood pressure drops, shock and life-threatening.

How to monitor whether the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard?

The main detection methods of formaldehyde in homes, textiles and food at home and abroad are: spectrophotometry, electrochemical detection, gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, sensor method, etc.

Spectrophotometry Spectrophotometry is a qualitative and quantitative analysis method established based on the selective absorption of electromagnetic radiation by substances with different molecular structures. It is the most conventional method for detecting formaldehyde in rooms, textiles, and food. .

Electrochemical method The electrochemical analysis method is based on the changes in current (voltammetry), electricity (coulometric method), and potential (potentiometric method) generated in chemical reactions to determine the concentration of the analyte in the reaction system for quantitative analysis There are two methods for detecting formaldehyde, polarography method and potentiometric method.

Chromatography Chromatography has strong separation performance, is not easily interfered by sample matrix and reagent color, and is sensitive and accurate in detecting complex samples. It can be directly used for the analysis and detection of formaldehyde in rooms, textiles, and food. The formaldehyde in the sample can also be derivatized and then measured. The sample components in rooms, textiles, and food are generally complex, with many interfering components and low formaldehyde content. Conventional detection methods require a lot of time and energy to be separated and concentrated before testing. The chromatographic method has high sensitivity, accurate quantification, and strong anti-interference. It can be directly used for the detection of formaldehyde in the room, textiles, and food.

Sensors used in the sensor method to detect formaldehyde include electrochemical sensors, optical sensors, and photobiochemical sensors. The structure of the electrochemical sensor is relatively simple, and the cost is relatively low. Among them, the high-quality products have stable performance, and the measurement range and resolution can basically meet the requirements of indoor environment detection.

The formaldehyde transmitter has a built-in electrochemical sensor, which is composed of a shell, a probe, and an output line. The output resolution of the device can reach 0.01ppm, and it can be monitored online for 24 hours for a long time. The electrochemical sensor has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, fast response speed, long service life, long stability and reliability.

The shell of the formaldehyde transmitter adopts the prince shell shell, which has good sealing performance, high safety protection level, waterproof and dustproof, to ensure accurate detection results, and the installation adopts wall-mounted installation.

The formaldehyde transmitter is designed with fluid mechanics. The indoor air is sucked into the transmitter by the probe, passes through the sensor, and then flows out from the air outlet to form a complete indoor formaldehyde concentration monitoring. After a compensation algorithm, it can be Quickly monitor the indoor formaldehyde concentration. Then the data is sent to the user's mobile phone through GPRS/4G communication mode to realize remote viewing.

The formaldehyde transmitter uploads data every 30s, and the cloud platform will automatically update after receiving new data; if the indoor formaldehyde exceeds the standard, the formaldehyde value display font on the cloud platform will be red. At the beginning of use, the alarm limit is set to 0.08mg/m3 through the cloud platform. If the indoor formaldehyde content reaches this value, the font on the cloud platform will turn green and the formaldehyde content safety information will be sent to the user.

If the content of formaldehyde exceeds the standard, we can take some simple and effective measures to remove:

1. Ventilation method: Formaldehyde is a gas, so air circulation will take away a part of the formaldehyde. Through the circulation of indoor air, the content of harmful substances in the indoor air can be reduced, thereby reducing the harm of such substances to the human body.

2. Use activated carbon to remove: activated carbon has the advantages of simplicity and low cost. By physically adsorbing formaldehyde, it will not cause secondary pollution and is harmless to the human body. However, it is suitable for spaces with low formaldehyde content and cannot Thoroughly treat pollution sources that release formaldehyde for a long time.

3. Use green plants to repel: use green plants, such as radix radix, spider plant, etc., to absorb low-level formaldehyde in the room. When the indoor formaldehyde concentration is too high, green plants will not only fail to adsorb, but will Cause the plant's own death.

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