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Mr.Oil From Thailand Visited Rikasensor

Mr.Oil From Thailand Visited Rikasensor


Mr.Oil from Thailand visited Rikasensor on Sep 17th, 2019. The sales manager Poppy, Sarah, Demi & engineer Chen warmly received the guests from abroad.

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At the meeting, Sarah made a brief introduction about Rikasensor. And then Mr.Oil introduced their project in Thailand. At last Mr.Oil and Chen had a technical exchange and discussion on weather sensors and weather stations.  After a preliminary understanding, he expressed his recognition of the comprehensive strength of Rikasensor.

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Hunan Rika Electronic Technology Co.Ltd. would provide Mr.Oil with professional weather stations and related sensor products for coal mines of local government projects.

Through cooperation with Mr.Oil and technical exchanges, it can be predicted that in the future, Mr.Oil and Rikasensor will join forces and complement each other.

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