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New crown vaccine refrigerated truck 'explosive order' The role of temperature and humidity recorder in vaccine refrigerated truck

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-07
New crown vaccine refrigerated truck 'explosive order' The role of temperature and humidity recorder in vaccine refrigerated truck
'Have you been vaccinated?' has become a new greeting among people. Nowadays, my country is vaccinating the new crown vaccine on a large scale. If every person has to get 2-3 vaccines within a year, it should be in the order of 2.8 billion to 4.2 billion. With the rapid increase in the amount of new crown vaccination, the refrigerated trucks for transporting vaccines have also become very tight, and the corresponding manufacturers have begun to 'explode orders.'

According to reports, the prepared new crown vaccine is generally stored in the cold storage first. With a cold storage capacity of more than 30,000 cubic meters, China Biotech is the largest cold storage for vaccines in the world. Among them, 40 to 50 million doses of the new coronary pneumonia vaccine are stored, and there are more than 30 million doses of other conventional vaccines.

What is the process of transportation of the new crown vaccine?

After the vaccine outbound task order is issued, the library administrator must check the quantity, batch number, expiration date, product specifications, etc. in the outbound order. The checked new crown vaccine can be extracted from the cold storage at this time. After sorting, zeroing, handheld scanning, ensuring traceability, reviewing signatures, system confirmation and other tasks, the new crown vaccine will be loaded and transported. During transportation, it is necessary to log in to the China Bio-Cold Chain Integrated Platform, monitor the temperature on the way in real time, and upload the outbound scan code information to the collaborative platform of the State Drug Administration to ensure vaccine traceability.

The new crown vaccine refrigerated trucks are so tight, why not use ordinary refrigerated trucks to transport vaccines? Because vaccine refrigerated trucks are different from ordinary refrigerated trucks.

Vaccines and other medicines are special commodities, and their safety and quality are related to everyone’s health and directly affect people’s livelihood and social stability. The country has also promulgated the 'Vaccine Storage and Transportation Management Regulations (2017 Edition)It is necessary to be equipped with an automatic temperature and humidity monitoring system to prevent possible risks that may affect the quality and safety of medicines during storage and transportation, and to ensure the quality and safety of medicines. Therefore, vaccine refrigerated vehicles will be equipped with temperature and humidity recorders and ventilation slots on the basis of ordinary refrigerated vehicles. Vaccine refrigerated vehicles used in the north also need to be equipped with heaters, which are more demanding than ordinary refrigerated vehicles.

In the refrigerated transportation of vaccines, temperature and humidity recorders are particularly important. The temperature and humidity recorder can monitor the temperature and humidity in the refrigerated vehicle during transportation in real time, and upload the data to the corresponding monitoring platform. The temperature and humidity recorder and the monitoring platform form a temperature and humidity monitoring system. Once the temperature and humidity data in the refrigerator exceeds the limit Value, the platform will receive an alarm to promptly remind people to take warming or cooling measures to effectively prevent possible safety risks during vaccine transportation and ensure drug quality and safety.

At the same time, the temperature and humidity recorder in the vaccine refrigerated vehicle also plays a role in proving the safety of vaccine transportation. The transportation environment of the vaccine is complicated, and the recipient cannot know whether the vaccine is in a safe environment during the transportation. The monitoring platform in the temperature and humidity monitoring system can view the historical data and over-limit records monitored by the temperature and humidity recorder. Print out the temperature and humidity data during transportation for the receiver to view.

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