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Noise monitoring system makes the city more peaceful

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-10
Noise monitoring system makes the city more peaceful
This year is the fifth year of the 'Thirteenth Five-Year Plan'. my country has also entered the post-industrial era from the industrialization era. The advancement of the industrialization process proves that the society is continuously developing. While we are enjoying the dividends brought by industrialization, industrialization will inevitably bring a lot of confusion to our lives, such as noise pollution and other issues. Since there is pollution, there should be control. The noise monitoring system can provide good basic data for noise pollution planning and management, help the development of comprehensive noise control work, and make the city more peaceful! What is noise pollution? From the point of view of physics, music sounds are harmonious sounds; noise is composed of various random and irregular combinations of sounds of different frequencies and different intensities.

Of course, judging whether a sound is noise or not can’t be determined from the point of view of physics alone. For us, subjective consciousness is the decisive factor. For example: when you enjoy a good piece of music, she is a wonderful voice. It is undoubtedly noise when resting and studying. This shows a problem, the same sound in different situations, people's judgments of the sound are completely different, either music or noise.

Therefore, our judgment on noise also depends on this. All sounds that have a bad influence on the current state of others are called noise. When noise has a bad influence on others and the surrounding environment, we collectively refer to it as noise pollution.

What is the noise monitoring system?

The noise monitoring system is a system that can monitor environmental noise pollution in real time, and can monitor the source and magnitude of sound in a certain range of spaces or places. By using this system, we can obtain the relevant data of the measured location, and reduce the noise autonomously from the fundamental source.

The noise monitoring system is composed of a noise sensor and a noise monitoring cloud platform.

Noise sensor

The noise sensor is a high-precision sound measuring instrument that can measure the sound size and noise intensity in real time. The monitoring range is as high as 30dB~120dB, and the measurement frequency is also relatively wide between 20~12.5KHz, which can meet the needs of noise monitoring and measurement in various industries.

In order to facilitate the installation and use in different places, the noise sensor is divided into two kinds of shells: wall-mounted king-shaped shell and louver box. For example, the louver box noise sensor can be selected when used in construction sites. Its main feature is waterproof, rain and snow. There is little impact on it. If it is used in indoor monitoring such as substations, you can choose the noise sensor of the wall-mounted king-shaped shell. The king-shaped shell is a waterproof shell with a high degree of protection. It can be used for a long time in harsh environments such as humidity and high dust; and The installation is simple, only 2 screws can be installed on the wall.

No matter which kind of housing sensor is selected, it has the characteristics of stable signal, high precision, wide measuring range, good linearity and long transmission distance. In addition, in addition to being applicable to construction sites and substations, noise sensors are also widely used in various fields such as home, office, automotive measurement, industrial measurement, etc., and can be used in combination according to the on-site environment.

Cloud platform

The cloud platform has real-time monitoring, large-screen visualization, electronic maps, real-time data query, data statistics, single-site multi-parameter query, multi-site single-parameter query, alarm query, sub-accounts can be added, Projects and equipment and other functions.

The cloud platform is a platform built for the convenience of users to monitor and use. It is the monitoring and management center of the noise monitoring system. It can monitor the noise value of the monitoring site in real time, and store, record and analyze the data. It has the function of displaying the value, displaying all the received data on the platform and updating it in real time; it has the function of storing historical data, and the cloud platform retains the noise monitoring value for 2 years; it can also analyze the data in the form of a curve Display the historical trajectory; when the value exceeds the limit, the platform will also send an alarm message. What should we do when we encounter inevitable noise?

Place green plants

On the balcony and windows facing the street, we can place some dense green plants to reduce noise input.

Choose thicker curtains

Thicker curtains can help us isolate a little noise to a certain extent. There are also curtains made of sound-absorbing fabrics on the market. You can choose if the budget is sufficient.

Install doors and windows with good sound insulation

Choose soundproof doors and windows, which can effectively sound insulation. Try to choose side-hung doors and windows, the sound insulation of which is much better than sliding windows.

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