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'Noise sensor' press the 'pause button' for your night

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-01
'Noise sensor' press the 'pause button' for your night

In recent years, with the progress of society and the acceleration of industrialization, the problem of noise pollution has become more and more serious. At present, noise pollution has been listed as the three major environmental pollution in the world alongside water pollution and air pollution, and the problem of noise pollution has also become an important livelihood problem that needs to be solved urgently.

According to relevant reports, the noise pollution complaints received by the government are mainly concentrated on domestic noise, construction noise and industrial enterprise noise.

The content of life noise complaints includes square dance vocals, outdoor singing, shop tweeters, house decoration noise, range hood noise, etc.; construction noise mainly comes from noise emitted by construction machinery, such as concrete pouring construction work, Muck trucks are used for overtime transportation at night, and pile drivers are used for construction at night or in the morning. This type of noise pollution is characterized by high intensity and mostly occurs in densely populated areas; industrial noise pollution mainly comes from the use of fixed equipment in production activities by industrial enterprises. Pollution caused by the surrounding living environment.

Since there are so many pollution sources at night, we should find ways to contain it, and choosing to install noise sensors is a good countermeasure. The noise sensor can monitor the noise in the environment in decibels in real time, and can upload the monitored data to the environmental monitoring cloud platform for us to view real-time or historical data, so as to achieve 'precise blow' at the source of pollution, and press for a quiet night life 'Pause button'.

The above briefly introduces the working process of the noise sensor, and then I will explain to you why you choose the noise sensor and the detailed functions of the environmental monitoring cloud platform:

First, why choose the noise sensor ?

1. High-quality noise sensor

The noise sensor uses a high-sensitivity condenser microphone with high signal stability and accuracy. Wide measuring range, good linearity, easy to use and easy to install.

2. Wide measuring range

The noise sensor is a high-precision sound measuring instrument with a range of 30dB~120dB, which can meet most daily measurement needs. It is widely used in various fields such as home, office, workshop, automobile measurement, industrial measurement and so on.

3. Has a high-grade protective shell

The noise sensor (king-shaped shell) adopts an IP65 high-protection shell with a high-density shell material and a waterproof strip seal inside to protect the circuit board , The moisture-proof effect is remarkable. (IP65: completely prevent dust from entering, low-pressure water jet at any angle has no effect)

The noise sensor (louver box) has high integration, high precision, small error, high-quality light 6-layer louver structure. Many layers can be selected, in line with WMO standards, small size and light weight, rain-proof appearance, high-tech high-quality anti-ultraviolet material, which can effectively prevent rapid aging under harsh conditions.

4. Adopt Modbus-RTU standard protocol

The noise sensor has RS485 communication, adopts Modbus-RTU standard protocol, the communication distance can reach 2000 meters, the communication address And the baud rate can be set, the default address is 1, and the baud rate is 4800.

2. Environmental monitoring cloud platform

The environmental monitoring cloud platform has real-time monitoring, large-screen visualization, electronic maps, real-time data query, data statistics, single-site multi-parameter query, and multi-site Single parameter query, alarm query, sub-accounts, projects and equipment can be added.

The cloud platform is a platform built for the convenience of users to monitor and use. It is the monitoring and management center of the noise monitoring system. It can monitor the noise value of the monitoring site in real time, and store, record and analyze the data. It has the function of displaying the value, displaying all the received data on the platform and updating it in real time; it has the function of storing historical data, and the cloud platform retains the noise monitoring value for 2 years; it can also analyze the data in the form of a curve Display the historical trajectory; when the value exceeds the limit, the platform will also send an alarm message.

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