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Noise sensor turns on silent mode for college entrance examination

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-10
Noise sensor turns on silent mode for college entrance examination
For many students, the college entrance examination is a long-distance race that changes their lives, especially for students from ordinary backgrounds, the college entrance examination is an important turning point in changing their lives.

The college entrance examination has always been said that 'thousands of troops have crossed the single-plank bridge' and 'a sword has been sharpened in ten years, and now we are trying our best'. The pressure of competition in the college entrance examination is also increasing every year. Under the circumstances, any environmental factors may affect the mentality of students in the examination room, leading to failure in the examination room.

Ten years of cold window, once the gold list. When they sweat in the examination room, we need to create a quiet environment for them and use practical actions to help the college entrance examination. On the one hand, start from oneself and reduce noise pollution as much as possible on the June college entrance examination day; on the other hand, it is necessary to monitor the noise data near the school in real time, report it in time, remind people to keep quiet in public areas, and try their best to provide excellent exams for candidates environment.

The choice of noise sensor

In school noise monitoring, we usually use noise sensors for noise monitoring. Noise sensors play a vital role in noise data monitoring and campus noise management.

The noise sensor RS-ZS-N01-* is a high-precision sound measuring instrument. The product uses a high-sensitivity condenser microphone with stable signal and high precision. It has the characteristics of wide measuring range, good linearity, easy to use, easy to install, and long transmission distance. The range is as high as 30dB~120dB, which can meet the daily measurement needs, and is widely used in various fields such as home, office, school, workshop, automobile measurement, industrial measurement and so on.

The working principle of the noise sensor

The noise sensor has a built-in capacitive electret microphone that is sensitive to sound. One uses the air gap and the electret as an insulating medium, and uses the back electrode and the metal layer on the electret as two electrodes to form a flat capacitor. There is an output electrode between the two poles of the capacitor. Because there are free charges on the electret film. When the sound wave causes the electret film to vibrate and produce displacement; the distance between the two plates of the capacitor is changed, which causes the capacitance of the capacitor to change. Because the number of charges on the electret always remains constant, according to the formula: Qu003dCU, Therefore, when C changes, it will inevitably cause a change in the voltage U at both ends of the capacitor, thereby outputting an electric signal, and realizing the conversion from a sound signal to an electric signal.

Specifically, the total electric charge of the electret is unchanged. When the plate retreats under acoustic pressure, the capacitance decreases, and the voltage between the two poles of the capacitor increases inversely, and vice versa. When increasing, the voltage between the two poles of the capacitor will decrease inversely proportionally. Then the voltage at both ends of the capacitor is taken out through the field effect with very high impedance, and the noise sensor is amplified at the same time, so that the voltage corresponding to the sound can be obtained. Since the field effect tube is an active device, it needs a certain bias and current to work in the amplified state, therefore, electret microphones must add a DC bias to work.

During the college entrance examination, let us do our best to help students create a warm examination environment for the students. From June to the end of the examination, everyone and each unit will start with small things and have more understanding and more One more tolerance, one more support, and consciously taking action to reduce noise pollution.

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