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Noise sensor VS industrial workshop noise, who will be better?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-10
Noise sensor VS industrial workshop noise, who will be better?
With the improvement of people's quality of life and people's yearning for a better life, people have begun to pay more attention to the solution of environmental pollution problems, and various pollution problems have emerged in an endless stream, which has brought a huge impact on people's lives.

Nowadays, noise pollution has become the third largest source of pollution after air and water pollution. Smog can infect our respiratory tract, and noise can also make you unable to concentrate, increase neurasthenia, heart disease, and neurological deafness.

In order to ensure normal rest and sleep, the sound cannot exceed 50 decibels;

In order to ensure work and study, the sound cannot exceed 70 decibels;

When the sound reaches 80 decibels, the human ear It will start to feel uncomfortable. If you stay in a sound environment exceeding 120 decibels for a long time, it will cause permanent hearing loss.

The harm of noise also comes from its masking effect. The masking effect of noise refers to the phenomenon that the hearing threshold of one sound is increased due to the presence of one or more other sounds. In industrial production, the masking effect of noise is widespread. This masking effect often prevents the operator from hearing the precursors and warning signals (driving signals, hazard warning signals, etc.) of the accident, resulting in work-related accidents, or misoperation caused by noise masking the command signal can also lead to accidents.

In the factory workshop, the roar of the machine operation is the main source of noise. For example, in the pharmaceutical factory, the noise sources include medicine cutters, fans, crushers, etc., among which the loudness of some high-power fans can be Up to 120 decibels or more. If workers in the workshop are exposed to a high-noise environment for a long time, it is easy to cause deafness, tinnitus and other symptoms.

Many factories are unable to pass the environmental protection test because of the excessive noise of the machines in the workshop. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the environmental noise pollution and clarify the noise decibel value and distribution to determine the noise reduction plan.

In the 1950s, with the development of modern industry and science and technology in China. A new science and technology of noise control came into being. After the 1970s, noise measuring instruments have been equipped with automatic data collection. Data storage, data processing and other functions. Presents the characteristics of real-time analysis and intelligence. Many instruments combine conventional measurement and signal processing and analysis systems into one. Toward the direction of miniaturization and intelligence.

Most noise sensors use high-sensitivity condenser microphone microphones. The sound waves in the environment will vibrate the electret film inside the microphone, resulting in a change in capacitance, thereby generating a correspondingly changed tiny voltage to achieve sound Signal to electrical signal conversion to obtain the noise value.

With the continuous development of the Internet of Things technology, today's noise sensors can support multiple signal output methods such as analog, RS485, GPRS, etc. The signal is stable, and it is convenient to detect noise data at different locations on the factory floor; the detection range is up to 30dB ~120dB, the measurement frequency can reach between 20~12.5KHz, which basically meets the needs of regeneration monitoring and measurement in various industries.

Managers can view the noise value in the workshop in real time through the corresponding monitoring software, and formulate a reasonable noise reduction plan based on the obtained data to ensure safe production and protect the health of the workers in the workshop.

Since the industrial revolution, the creation and use of various mechanical equipment has brought prosperity and progress to human society, but at the same time it has also produced more and more noise pollution. We cannot blindly pass To stop the sound source to eliminate the noise, all we can do is to obtain more data through continuous monitoring of the noise to find ways to control the noise.

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