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'Noise Sensor' What impact does noise pollution have on the environment?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-16
'Noise Sensor' What impact does noise pollution have on the environment?
With the gradual popularization of urbanization, urban noise pollution in China has become the third largest urban nuisance after air pollution and water pollution, which increasingly affects people's quality of life and happiness index.

1. What is noise pollution?

From the perspective of physics, there are two types of sound: music and noise. A sound with a fixed pitch produced by the sounding object vibrating regularly. Sounds that cause irritability or excessive loudness and endanger human health are called noise; the so-called noise pollution refers to the formation of noise that is higher than the national emission noise standard and interferes with the normal study and work of others. Sound is the subjective perception of the human ear to the vibration of an object. Noise not only affects people's mood, work and study, but also harms people's health.

Second, why is it difficult to monitor noise pollution?

1. The characteristics of noise pollution are mainly manifested as: noise pollution is immediate pollution

The timeliness of noise pollution makes it impossible to collect noise pollution. When the vibration source is ended, the sound change disappears quickly, leading to the collection of evidence It becomes extremely difficult.

2. The noise source has the characteristic of dispersive distribution.

The noise source has the characteristic of dispersive distribution, forming a limited range of influence. Noise pollution also reflects the characteristics of locality, frequent occurrence and indirectness in time and space.

It will not form pollutants that can be collected, let alone long-term accumulation of pollution. It can cause indirect harm, and it is slow and non-additional. Judging whether a sound is noise depends not only on the loudness of the sound, but also on its frequency, continuity, and information content, as well as the subjective willingness of the sound. The psychological condition of hearing the sound is related.

Second, what is the impact of noise pollution?

1. Impact on people’s lives

In people’s daily lives, they are often interfered by noise from various aspects, such as car whistle noise, construction noise, mechanical operation noise and shopping mall noise And so on, these noises will not only affect the normal life of human beings, but also cause great harm to human physical and mental health.

2. Impact on the economy

Noise pollution is an important factor in restraining economic development, because noise will cause depression and irritability of workers in various industries, which will lead to lower work efficiency and ultimately affect the enterprise Moreover, due to the serious noise pollution in the area where many buildings are located, or the building’s weak anti-noise ability, most people are reluctant to buy or lease these buildings, which leads to real estate depreciation.

3. Impact on animals

Nowadays, many people like to keep small pets, and even treat pets as their own family members, so the health of pets is also an issue that people are very concerned about. In the past, people only paid attention to the impact of noise on humans, but ignored the impact of noise on animals. According to related studies, noise pollution will affect the mood of animals to a certain extent, especially relatively loud noises will seriously affect the living habits of animals, which can easily cause animals to shed hair, reduce fertility and even die.

To sum up, high-intensity environmental noise pollution seriously harms people’s bodies, makes people feel tired, produces negative emotions, and even causes diseases. It has an important impact on people’s living environment. Therefore, the monitoring of environmental noise pollution The analysis of its control strategy is of great significance.

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