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Normal value of dust monitoring

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-19
Normal value of dust monitoring
At present, the main pollution factors in national air pollution are inhalable particulate matter (PM10) and lung particulate matter (PM2.5), of which fine particulate matter (dynamic equivalent diameter 10m) has become the main factor restricting the air quality in cities in my country.

Flying dust is a very complicated source of sinking. It is both a receptor and a source of dust. Therefore, there are various definitions of dust at home and abroad, and there is no unified definition at present. As far as environmental protection is concerned, the environmental protection industry standard HJ/T3932007 'Technical Specifications for Prevention and Control of Urban Fugitive Dust Pollution' defines fugitive dust as: refers to the air with a certain particle size range formed by loose particulate matter on the ground entering the ambient air under the action of natural or human forces. Particulate matter is mainly divided into soil dust, construction dust, road dust and storage yard dust.

The State Environmental Protection Administration issued the 'Ambient Air Quality Standard (GB3095-2012)The secondary standards are 70µg/m3, 150µg/m3; the annual average and 24-hour average emission concentration limits of PM2.5, the primary standards are 15µg/m3, 35µg/m3, and the secondary standards are 35µg/ m3, 75µg/m3; the annual average and 24-hour average emission concentration limits of TSP, the first-level standards are 80µg/m3, 120µg/m3, and the second-class standards are 200µg/m3, 300µg/m3.

County (city, district) PM10 hourly average concentration calculation formula:

So what are the emission requirements?

The requirements for the installation of online monitoring and video monitoring equipment on the construction site shall be implemented in accordance with HJ/T55, HJ655, DB37/TXXX and other relevant standards; the requirements for the location and number of monitoring points on the construction site shall be implemented in accordance with DB37/ Implementation of TXXX building construction particulate matter and noise online monitoring technical specifications.

The monitoring and analysis method is as follows:

How to determine the compliance?

Any one-hour average concentration limit obtained by competent authorities at all levels in accordance with relevant manual monitoring technical specifications exceeds the concentration limit of this standard, and it is determined that the emission exceeds the standard; the construction site shall comply with the relevant local authorities in accordance with laws, regulations and standards Networked online monitoring data, if any monitoring point exceeds the concentration limit in Table 1 more than three times in a day, it is judged that the emission exceeds the standard.

In order to win the battle to defend the blue sky, ten measures have been formulated in the '2020 Volatile Organic Compounds Treatment Plan':

1. Vigorously promote source substitution and effectively reduce pollution;< /p>2. Fully implement the standard requirements and strengthen the control of unorganized emissions;

3. Focus on the 'three rates' of plant facilities and improve the efficiency of comprehensive management;

4. Deepen the renovation of parks and clusters, and promote industrial green Development;

5. Strengthen the supervision of oil storage, transportation and marketing to achieve pollution reduction, consumption reduction and efficiency improvement;

6. Adhere to the combination of assistance and law enforcement to effectively improve the effectiveness of supervision;

7. Improve monitoring and control System, improve the level of precision governance;

8. Increase policy support and enhance corporate governance enthusiasm;

9. Strengthen publicity, education and guidance, and create a good atmosphere for universal governance;

10. Practically strengthen Organize leadership and strictly implement assessment and inspections.

In the 'Measures for Prevention and Control of Dust at Construction Sites' issued by the environmental protection departments of various cities, construction units are clearly required to install dust monitoring equipment at the construction site. The advantage of installing dust monitoring equipment is that it can Effectively improve the dust environment. When the dust caused by the operation reaches a certain concentration, certain dust reduction measures can be taken to reduce the dust pollution. Some places also require monitoring stations to be connected to the government environmental protection platform to strengthen management and control.

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