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Oil fume monitoring and oil fume online monitoring system in various provinces

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-05
Oil fume monitoring and oil fume online monitoring system in various provinces
Although 2020 has passed, the battle to defend the blue sky continues. Oil fume is still a 'stumbling block' to the improvement of atmospheric environmental quality. In order to further rectify oil fume pollution, major provinces and cities have launched a special campaign of 'oil fume control winter offensive'. Fume emissions from catering operators and open-air catering stalls are re-exhausted and re-rectified to continuously improve air quality and human settlements, consolidate the effectiveness of oil fume control, help fight the 'blue sky defense warThe people's expectations for a better life.

Most provinces and cities have policies aimed at large-scale catering units, but small and medium-sized catering units may also be required to install if they receive more complaints. Of course, some provinces and cities with stricter regulations, whether large, medium or small, Must install oil fume online monitoring system.

Which provinces have relevant policies?

Article 60 of the 'Regulations on Air Pollution Prevention and Control of Guangdong Province': Large and medium-sized dining establishments should also install online monitoring and monitoring equipment.

Article 22 of the 'Administrative Measures for the Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Particulate Pollution of Jiangsu Province': Catering companies with a business area of u200bu200bmore than 500 square meters or more than 250 seats should install oil fume online monitoring facilities. Oil fume purification facilities and online monitoring facilities shall be maintained regularly to ensure normal use, and shall not be left idle or dismantled.

Article 63 of the 'Regulations on the Prevention and Control of Air Pollution in Jiangsu Province': Catering companies with a business area of u200bu200bmore than 500 square meters shall install on-line fume monitoring facilities.

Article 22 of the Regulations on the Prevention and Control of Air Pollution in Hunan Province: Encourage large-scale catering service companies and canteens to install online oil fume monitoring facilities.

Article 19 of the 'Management Measures for the Prevention and Control of Oil Fume Pollution in the Catering Service Industry of Henan Province': Large-scale catering service units shall install online monitoring of oil fume purification facilities, and network with the monitoring information platform of the competent department; small and medium-sized enterprises located in environmentally sensitive areas Catering service units install online monitoring of oil fume purification facilities within a time limit.

The above are the relevant policies for installing oil fume online monitoring in some provinces. You can check whether your province or city has relevant policies.

The oil fume monitoring system consists of an oil fume online monitor, data transmission technology and an environmental monitoring cloud platform. The system can monitor the oil fume concentration, particulate matter concentration, non-methane total hydrocarbon concentration, and the operating status of fans and purifiers in real time , Integrating functions such as oil fume monitoring, data collection, data transmission, etc., upload the data to the monitoring platform to realize the remote viewing of supervisors and the management of catering enterprises.

1. On-line oil fume monitor

RS-LB-300 is an on-line oil fume monitoring host designed by our company in response to the country's supervision of cooking fume in the catering industry. The host can measure the concentration of oil fume, particulate matter, and non-methane total hydrocarbon (NMHC) concentration in the kitchen exhaust pipe for 24 hours, and upload it to our free cloud platform or government monitoring platform.

In order to prevent the business's purifier or fan from not starting, the host can also collect two current signals through a current transformer to monitor whether the purifier or fan is actually started. In order to facilitate the operation of the installation personnel, the whole machine adopts a 7-inch capacitive touch screen, and the all-Chinese interface is simple and easy to understand. The host has a GPRS (optional 4G) communication interface, which can be inserted into an ordinary mobile phone card or an IoT card for data upload, and the data can be uploaded where there is a mobile phone signal.

In view of the complicated problem of oil fume composition at the oil fume monitoring site, our company has designed a special sensor that can accurately analyze the concentration of oil fume and particulate matter, and will not be affected by the large amount of steam generated by the steamer and cage in the kitchen. Monitoring is more accurate. Using reasonable gas circuit design and advanced oil and gas separation device, it can achieve long-term operation and maintenance-free, and can be maintained once every six months at the longest.

Second, data transmission technology

The system is based on GPRS communication technology and can actively send real-time data to the cloud platform of the remote monitoring center of the scenic spot through the GPRS signal.

3. Environmental monitoring cloud platform

The environmental monitoring cloud platform is a web login platform specially developed based on the B/S architecture to provide users with the most convenient services and supports multiple login methods for mobile phones and computers. The cloud platform automatically receives data and stores historical data, supports users to view and export in various ways, and provides equipment data over-limit alarm, offline SMS alarm and email alarm services.

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