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Oil fume monitoring system opens up a new way of oil fume supervision

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-04
Oil fume monitoring system opens up a new way of oil fume supervision
In recent years, with the development of the catering industry, the cooking fume produced by catering has also developed rapidly. Today, it has been listed as the three major air pollution 'killers' along with industrial exhaust gas and automobile exhaust, and one of the pollution sources affecting urban ambient air. One. The formation of oil fume is a large amount of substances produced by edible oil and food at high temperatures, which are emitted in the air in the form of smoke, called oil fume.

Fume from the catering industry not only affects the quality of the atmosphere, but also harms human health. The oily fume exhaust gas produced by outdoor eating can enter the human respiratory tract with the air and easily lead to diseases. It is called 'oil fume syndrome' in medicine. Common symptoms include: loss of appetite, restlessness, trance, drowsiness and weakness. In addition, oil fume still disturbs the people. According to the data provided by the national environmental protection department, complaints about oil fume are increasing. In this way, it is urgent to rectify oil fume.

At present, the oil fume online monitoring system has been promoted and used in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Guangzhou and other regions. Through the use of the oil fume online monitoring system to achieve 'on the tip of the tongue' oil fume control. The advantage of the oil fume online monitoring system is that the terminal is installed on the site of the catering enterprise, using real-time online, automatic monitoring and reporting working methods, the collection terminal probe of the oil fume online monitoring system is directly installed inside the flue, and the collected data is passed through GPRS/4G It can be uploaded to the back-end management terminal to monitor and understand the oil smoke emission concentration of the user, and judge the restaurant's emissions by the size of the concentration data, and provide technical support for law enforcement and restaurant self-testing.

In order to control the pollution of cooking fume emissions and improve air quality, in response to the state's supervision of cooking fume in the catering industry, an online oil fume monitoring system was launched to realize real-time monitoring of cooking fume emissions. The oil fume monitoring system is mainly composed of a self-developed oil fume online monitor and an oil fume online monitoring cloud platform. It is uploaded to the monitoring platform via GPRS/4G. It is a real-time monitoring system integrating oil fume monitoring, data collection and data transmission.

The oil fume on-line monitor mainly uses the pump suction type oil fume on-line monitor 320 series, this series is our company's response to the country's supervision of the catering industry, and a design of an oil fume on-line monitoring host. The host can measure the concentration of oil fume, particulate matter, and non-methane total hydrocarbon (NMHC) concentration of the kitchen exhaust pipe for 24 hours, and can upload to our free monitoring platform or monitoring platform.

In view of the complicated problem of oil fume composition at the oil fume monitoring site, our company has designed a special sensor that can analyze the concentration of oil fume and particulate matter, and the monitoring is more accurate. Reasonable gas circuit design can achieve long-term operation and maintenance-free, and can be maintained once every six months at the longest.

In order to prevent the business's purifier or fan from not starting, the host can also collect two current signals through a current transformer to monitor whether the purifier or fan is actually started. In order to facilitate the operation of the installer, the whole machine adopts a 7-inch capacitive touch screen, and the all-Chinese interface is simple and easy to understand. The host has a GPRS (optional 4G) communication interface, which can be inserted into a normal card or an IoT card for data upload, and the data can be uploaded where there is a mobile phone signal.

Transfer data to our company's online oil fume monitoring cloud platform specially designed for oil fume monitoring through GPRS/4G. This platform can be deployed on the user's own server or on the server with powerful functions. It is displayed on the platform page through GPS maps, lists, icons, and curves.

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