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Oil fume monitoring system realizes transparent management of catering industry

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-04
Oil fume monitoring system realizes transparent management of catering industry
The cooking fume exhaust gas of the catering industry is being regarded as the three major pollution killers of the atmosphere together with industrial exhaust gas and motor vehicle exhaust gas.

From the perspective of catering oil fume pollution control, large and medium-sized catering companies in provincial capital cities have installed different types of oil fume purification devices in their kitchens, but the operating rate and purification efficiency are not monitored. The installation rate of fume purifiers in the catering industry in domestic small and medium-sized cities or regional prefecture-level cities is lower, and environmental protection law enforcement supervision is basically in a vacuum.

The problems are mainly manifested in the following aspects:
1. The basic management is backward
  Nowadays, many of them rely on manual monitoring stage for monitoring, and some enterprises have unreasonable design of fume exhaust pipes. The real-time coverage rate is low and the scope is limited, making it difficult to carry out the work.
2. Poor environmental awareness
  Most small and medium-sized catering owners ignore the EIA approval, the kitchen fume purification facilities are installed without standard requirements, the power of the fume control equipment is insufficient, and the equipment does not match the actual emissions, leading to environmental protection law enforcement Supervision is basically in a vacuum.
3. Irregular sampling locations
  Currently, many catering industries have not installed sampling locations in accordance with the GB18483-2001 'Fume Emission Standard for Catering Industry
4. Difficulties in self-discipline supervision of catering businesses
  During the inspection process, although the catering owners have installed oil fume purification equipment, the effect of conscious maintenance, use and regular cleaning is not obvious. Due to the long test time of oil fume monitoring, add It takes at least 1 hour to prepare and replace the filter cartridge, so it is generally difficult to ensure the stability of the sampling conditions.
5. Difficulty in environmental protection supervision
  It is impossible to achieve full coverage by human supervision; purification equipment is difficult to check; monitoring requires professional means, which is difficult. Environmental supervision departments have problems such as long inspection cycles, high costs, cumbersome procedures, high requirements for on-site testing conditions, inability to achieve multi-point monitoring and real-time online monitoring, and inability to accurately grasp the oil fume emission situation of the entire catering industry.

In view of the status quo of substandard, non-standard, and difficult-to-supervise oil fume emissions in the catering industry, a professional and accurate oil fume monitoring system plays an important role in improving transparent supervision and government supervision.

The oil fume online monitoring system consists of an oil fume online monitor, network transmission technology and a monitoring software cloud platform. It can monitor the oil fume concentration, particulate matter concentration, non-methane total hydrocarbon concentration, and the operation of fans and purifiers. The status is monitored in real time, integrating functions such as oil fume monitoring, data collection, and data transmission. The data is uploaded to the monitoring platform to realize remote viewing of supervisors and catering business management.

The oil fume on-line monitor is equipped with a 7-inch capacitive touch screen and built-in PeopleSoft special sensors, which can accurately analyze the oil fume concentration and particle concentration, monitor more accurately, store data in large capacity, adopt a reasonable gas circuit design, and an advanced oil and gas separation device , It can achieve long-term operation and maintenance-free, and the longest can be maintained once half a year.

The oil fume on-line monitor is designed with 2 current detections, which can detect whether the fan and purifier are working at the same time. The detection current alarm value can be set according to the power of the fan and the purifier, which is suitable for fans and purifiers of all powers; The current transformer can be measured without cutting the fan or purifier cable; the oil fume online monitor uploads the data to the monitoring software cloud platform through 4G/GPRS.

The cloud platform is composed of real-time data, data center and system management. It adopts B/S module development, Window interface style, simple and convenient operation; supports real-time data through GIS maps and lists, icons, and curves. Ways to display, to meet the actual operation needs of users to view monitoring information at multiple levels.

If the purification fan is not turned on or the purification value does not meet the standard, the cloud platform will send platform alarms and mobile phone SMS alarms to relevant managers as soon as possible; the platform can also store 2 years of data information, catering companies It can intelligently filter the oil fume emission situation in a certain period of time according to the conditions, and check whether the purification result meets the required emission standards, which is convenient for intelligent management.

The catering oil fume online monitoring system solves the problems of catering companies that are too many and scattered, unable to collect timely statistics on emission concentration, purifier cleanliness, and whether the emission process is purged or not. It can help law enforcement officers by combining with GIS. The accurate location of pollution has been achieved, and the level of supervision and law enforcement has been improved; combined with mobile apps and mobile terminals, on-site evidence collection, measurement, and law enforcement of catering oil fume emission can be realized, and transparent management can be realized.

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