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Oil smoke detector: real-time monitoring of oil smoke

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-08
Oil smoke detector: real-time monitoring of oil smoke

Do you know? Kitchen oil fume contains more than 300 harmful substances. The main lung cancer carcinogen is DNP. The DNP we inhale when preparing a meal in the kitchen is 188 times that of outdoor fresh air! Many people cannot tolerate the unpleasant smell of oily smoke on their hair, but in fact, the harmful substances in oily smoke are more serious.

Then how should we reduce the kitchen fumes?

1. Change the cooking habit of hot oil for rapid cooking

Do not overheat the oil, and the oil temperature should not exceed 200℃ (smoke from the oil pan) Is the limit).

2. Oil that does not need to be cooked repeatedly

Don’t use oil repeatedly to save money. For example, the edible oil used for frying food for many times not only contains carcinogens itself, but the oil fume it produces also contains more carcinogens and is more harmful.

3. Avoid excessive direct contact with oily fumes

Wear an apron and sleeves when cooking to minimize the contact area between the skin and oily fumes; After coming out of the kitchen with heavy oily smoke, clean your face and body in time to reduce the time for oily smoke to adhere to your skin.

4. Try to use cooking methods such as steaming, boiling and frying.

Reduce the amount of edible oil.

5. The kitchen should be ventilated frequently

The kitchen should be ventilated frequently, and a range hood should be installed at the same time. During the cooking process, always turn on the cooker hood.

6. Daily cleaning of the kitchen

After the kitchen is used, there will be residual grease, which should be cleaned up in time.

7. Use some other products

You can boil some lemons, boil them, and let the taste of lemons dissolve the fume. Boil green tea and water together, and use the taste of green tea to disperse the oily smoke. Boil some vinegar and slowly evaporate to dissipate the smell of oily smoke.

Although the oil fume cannot be completely dissipated, we can usually use the oil fume detector for real-time detection.

RS-LB-330 is a pump-aspirated oil fume on-line detector, which can measure oil fume concentration, particulate matter concentration, and non-methane total hydrocarbon concentration for 24 hours. Aiming at the problem of complicated oil fume composition, a special sensor is designed, and the device has a built-in diaphragm pump, which can accurately analyze the oil fume concentration and particle concentration, and the monitoring is more accurate. Three independent working time periods can be set. Only when the limit is exceeded within the time period will alarm, and the alarm will not be alarmed when the limit is exceeded outside the time period.

The pump suction oil fume detector is composed of sampling head, AC transformer, sensor, host and monitoring system. The sampling head sucks oil fume gas into the host, and monitors the concentration of oil fume, particulate matter, and non-methane total hydrocarbon (NMHC) concentration in real time through the sensor configured in the host, and uploads the data to the monitoring host; the flue fan and the oil fume purifier are monitored by the transformer Wait for the working status of the controlled equipment and upload the data to the oil fume monitoring system.

The pump-suction oil smoke detector uses an open-type current transformer, which can be measured without cutting the registration or purifier cable. Equipped with 2 current detections, it can detect whether the fan and purifier are working at the same time. The detection current alarm value can be set according to the power of the fan and the purifier, which is suitable for fans and purifiers of all powers.

RS-LB-330 oil smoke detector can be connected to online oil smoke monitoring cloud platform or cloud platform. The default is the cloud monitoring platform, which is simple to set up. You don't need to build your own server. You only need to plug in a data card or mobile phone card in the device, and the device will automatically upload data to the cloud platform.

Soak the pot, pour the oil, heat, add and stir-fry, serve on the plate...Behind the deliciousness is the health price paid by every person in charge. Oil fume is harmful to your health, and the detector will help you to monitor it so that the fume no longer cancers your family.

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