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Open agricultural environment weather stations

by:Rika Sensors     2020-09-11

comprehensive agricultural meteorological stations by pure clear independent research and development production, with fine - it is the largest 'bright spot' in the cloud platform, APP, anywhere can access to the Internet via the web or mobile phone to view real-time data, real-time monitoring, encounter situations timely treatment, crop production.

agricultural meteorological station host and transmission part function characteristics: 1, host, or collect data real-time display can be set up through a web client remote data acquisition, storage, and sending time interval and IP address.

2, modular design, the sensor can be arbitrary configuration through the host menu, such as wind speed sensor, rain sensors, and sensors, and so on, all kinds of parameters of the freedom to choose collocation.

3, the user can choose according to need of GPRS network model, 4 g, NB - Iot transmission.

4, data can be uploaded to your designated computer can also be uploaded to the server, switch, no effect.

5, with GPS function: by GPS can know equipment and data to collect specific geographical location.

6, camera, can take pictures and upload real-time's dispatch of pure cloud platform.

cloud platform function characteristics: 1, with the wisdom agriculture cloud management platform contains B/S structure, can be all portable devices and online data collecting and analysis, the data backup proof is missing, check the operating mode including web and mobile terminal ( Android and apple systems are available) 。

2, according to each process parameter curve trend, maximum, minimum, average display view, amplification, narrow function.

3, data can be uploaded to the cloud management platform. Platform in the data download, data analysis, printing.

4, users can provide equipment configuration sensor alarm condition, preset several common crop alarm configuration.

5, data cloud storage platform support equipment, provide sufficient capacity can be long-term preservation.

6, platform, to provide equipment data report forms such as curve and table, and the data can export and import.

7, data evaluation: you can set the lowest the most superior limit, can automatically warning and data analysis.

8, software can online upgrade.

fine - open r&d and production of agricultural meteorological station sensor parameters:

agricultural meteorological station applications: agricultural meteorological station with a laparoscope, usually connected to a machine, water can also be used in the fields and wisdom canopy, through real-time monitoring, precision agriculture sensor using cloud computing, data mining techniques such as multi-level analysis, improve the response capacity of agricultural production risk of the natural environment, make the disadvantage of traditional agriculture to become highly efficient modern industry.

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