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Oxygen temperature and humidity sensor to help hatch a chicken

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-31
Oxygen temperature and humidity sensor to help hatch a chicken
Fried chicken itself has an attractive color, a mouth-watering aroma, and its smooth and tender taste, so everyone can't stop it. It may be said that some people have not eaten a certain kind of snack, but no one has not eaten fried chicken. As the fried chicken business is booming, fried chicken shops can be seen everywhere on the streets.

As early as 2017, Papa Ma mentioned in a speech in Canada: China can eat 7 billion chickens a year, and an average person eats four chickens a year. Such data was only three years ago. In recent years, with the popularity of the food delivery industry, today's data may be even more terrifying. Analyzed in this way, it seems that the Chinese have a special liking for 'eating chicken'. So the question is, have you ever thought about where so many chickens come from? It can't be raised one by one.

In fact, the chicken industry is operated in batches, and chicken breeding is also a very complicated task. If you start to talk about it, you can publish a set of books. We are here to pick the key points, starting from the birth of the chicken. Modern chicken farming is through large-scale incubation, thereby improving efficiency. Next, we will cooperate with the oxygen temperature and humidity sensor produced to tell you how to detect the temperature, humidity and oxygen concentration of the hatching chicks.

1. Temperature and humidity required for hatching chicks

Temperature and humidity are one of the important conditions for the successful hatching of chicks. Proper incubation temperature and humidity can ensure the healthy development of embryos and help break the shell Hatch. The oxygen temperature and humidity sensor can monitor the temperature, humidity, oxygen and other environmental factors in the environment in real time, and has the function of uploading data in time and alarming when the limit is exceeded.

1. Control of suitable temperature and humidity for incubation

① When hatching eggs, the temperature should be between 20℃~23℃, and the relative humidity should be kept at about 55%. When there is a big deviation in the environmental temperature and humidity, the hatched chicks are prone to conditions such as weak legs, many weak chicks, low spirits, and low survival rate. In order to prevent this from happening, generally choose to install the help of an oxygen temperature and humidity sensor.

②There is a temperature and humidity probe on the oxygen temperature and humidity sensor to detect temperature. At the same time, the sensor can set the upper and lower limits of temperature and humidity, and is also equipped with a built-in buzzer. When the incubation room temperature and humidity are lower than or exceed the set threshold, the alarm light will be on and the buzzer will alarm to remind the manager of the incubation room environment in time. adjust.

2. Ventilation required for hatching chicks

1. The role of ventilation

① During the embryonic development process, oxygen is continuously inhaled. As the age of the embryo increases, it needs The amount of oxygen is also increasing. At the hatching stage, the embryo begins to breathe in the lungs, and the amount of gas exchange is greater, which requires gradually increasing the amount of ventilation as the embryo's age increases. Generally, the oxygen content in the incubator is about 21%.

②The designed oxygen temperature and humidity sensor adopts imported first-line brand electrochemical oxygen sensor, which has the characteristics of rapid response and strong anti-interference ability, and has undergone a unique compensation algorithm, multi-segment standard gas calibration, and has a long Features of longevity, high precision, high repeatability and high stability. It can monitor the oxygen concentration in the incubator in real time.

3. Free cloud platform
Oxygen temperature and humidity sensor In order to facilitate managers to monitor the temperature, humidity, oxygen and other information in the incubation room in real time, the sensor can be performed by uploading local software or uploading to the cloud platform. Data is monitored and collected in real time, and managers can realize data observation and analysis through the network, which greatly facilitates the use of users.

1. Local monitoring platform
The oxygen temperature and humidity sensor uploads data to the RS-RJ-K local monitoring platform, which is an environmental temperature and humidity monitoring platform software. The software can run on WINServer2008, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10 and other operating systems. It has the functions of data collection, recording and alarm for temperature, humidity, oxygen, etc. It can support the data display of the floor plan, which is convenient for overall monitoring. This software platform supports computers, mobile phones, tablets and other terminals to view temperature and humidity data through web pages, and download Excel spreadsheet data for printing. It is an environmental monitoring software platform widely used in the temperature and humidity monitoring industry.

2. Cloud platform

The oxygen temperature and humidity sensor can upload data to the cloud platform, and can be connected to the nearest RS-ETH-M or RS-WIFI-M or RS-GPRS-M concentrator and The data is sent to the remote monitoring platform through the network port. The maintenance and management of the cloud platform are all responsible, and users can apply for free access. The cloud platform can provide device data overrun, offline SMS alarm and email alarm services, and provides a free mobile APP with one-click login, which is convenient and easy to use.

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