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Ozone sensor applied to join the blue sky defense war

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-23
Ozone sensor applied to join the blue sky defense war
In the summer and autumn seasons, ozone pollution has become the primary factor leading to excessive air quality in some cities, and it has the characteristics of increasing concentration year by year, significant regional pollution characteristics, and many days exceeding the standard. Even if it is a clear sky, blue sky and white clouds, what you see may be a 'false blue sky.' In recent years, as the blue sky defense battle continues to advance, the number of days of smog pollution has decreased significantly compared with the past. Visible and tangible results have been achieved, and ozone pollution has a tendency to quietly replace PM2.5.

At present, Shandong, Henan, Hubei and other places have made it clear that the summer volatile organic compounds control action will be launched this month.

A statement from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment: The Ministry of Ecology and Environment will also carry out summer ozone pollution prevention and control supervision and assistance work in some areas with greater pressure for ozone pollution prevention and control, and guide and help relevant governments and enterprises to implement volatile organic compounds control and emission reduction tasks.

So, why did ozone, known as the earth's umbrella, become an air pollutant?

Whether ozone is good or bad is closely related to its location-if ozone is in the stratosphere, it can filter the ultraviolet rays in the sun and protect the earth's environment. However, within a height range of 1 km above the ground, high concentrations of ozone can cause air quality pollution.

Once the ozone reaches the near-surface layer about 10-100 meters from the ground, it will become a 'health killer' and endanger humans: 1. Ozone can stimulate the mucous membrane, and it will The human body is toxic, and it is not safe to breathe in the air containing 0.1ppm ozone for a long time;

2. It strongly stimulates the human respiratory tract, causing sore throat, chest tightness, coughing, bronchitis and emphysema;

p>3. Ozone can cause nerve poisoning, dizziness, headache, vision loss, memory loss, shortness of breath, tiredness, nose bleeding;

4. Ozone can damage the vitamin E in human skin, causing it Human skin wrinkles and dark spots appear;

5. Ozone can destroy the body’s immune function, induce lymphocyte chromosome changes, accelerate aging, and cause pregnant women to give birth to deformities;

6. Ozone can make plants Decreased concentrations of chlorophyll, chlorophyll and carbohydrates affect photosynthesis, thereby reducing crop yields.

So, where does the ozone near the ground come from?

Near-ground ozone is usually not directly emitted into the air in the form of pollutants, but is formed by complex photochemical reactions of air pollutants emitted by ourselves. For example, our industrial production, the driving of gasoline and diesel vehicles, and the power plants that use fuel... Such activities emit a large amount of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which will be further converted into ozone. . In the final analysis, near-ground ozone is mainly caused by emissions from human activities, and we have an unshirkable responsibility for the formation of ozone pollution.

In this regard, it is incumbent to rectify ozone and protect the environment. A pollutant is paid attention to. A very important sign is the emergence of various monitoring technologies to achieve multi-time and multi-space monitoring. In the field of atmospheric ozone monitoring, there are currently four main methods, one is gradually being The long optical path absorption spectrometers that are obsolete but still in use, one is the ozone analyzer installed in conventional weather stations with the principle of ultraviolet absorption, the other is the ozone sensor installed in the miniature weather station that has become a new favorite in the market, and the other is nearly two The newly developed ozone lidar, a tall instrument, was newly developed in 2010. The appropriate ozone monitoring equipment can be selected according to each region.

Rectification is not only the responsibility of society, but also the responsibility of ordinary citizens. As ordinary citizens, while minimizing going out, let us contribute a little to clean the air and resist ozone pollution, starting with me.

(1) Save electricity, do not set the air conditioner temperature too low in summer;

(2) Green travel, bus, bicycle, walking, environmentally friendly and healthy;

(3) Evening Then refuel your car to avoid periods of severe ozone pollution;

(4) Plan travel reasonably to reduce the frequency of going out;

(5) Minimize idling of the engine when driving;

(6) Choose low-VOCs and packaging optimization of non-volatile daily necessities, tighten the bottle caps, and try not to use products containing VOCs in weather forecasting that air pollution may occur.

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