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Pest monitoring system

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-14
Pest monitoring system
1. Background introduction

With the rapid development of smart agriculture in China, it has become particularly important to generate 'digital agricultural solutions' through scientific and technological means to guide farmers in planting. Accurate analysis and statistics of pests are of great significance to the comprehensive management of pests.

Agriculture needs to transform to commercialization, specialization, and modernization, and higher requirements for high-yield, high-quality, and high-efficiency agriculture are put forward. As an important part of agricultural production, the forecasting and prevention of pests and diseases are important to the level of crop yields. The impact is significant. Due to the large changes in the ecological environment in the field, the frequency of pests and diseases has also increased.

Traditional pest monitoring methods are time-consuming and laborious, and it is difficult to meet the actual needs of production. The pest monitoring and analysis system is a newly launched modern automatic pest forecasting system. The system uses knowledge and methods of biology, ecology, mathematics, system science, logic, etc., and utilizes modern optical, electrical, numerical control technology, wireless transmission technology, and physical Networking and other technologies, combined with practical experience and historical data, can predict the future trend of pests and diseases, greatly improving labor efficiency and the accuracy of monitoring results, and providing accurate and timely forecast services for the majority of scientific researchers and growers.

2. System overview

1. System introduction

The insect situation monitoring system is an image-based insect situation forecasting tool. The insect situation monitoring system uses 304 stainless steel, uses modern light, electricity, and numerical control integrated counting to realize the automatic far-infrared processing of the insect body, the conveyor belt to cooperate with the transportation, and the automatic operation of the whole lamp.

The system consists of a pest trapping system, a processing system (infrared insecticide, pest drying, tiled transmission), a photographing system, a transmission system, and an agricultural insect situation forecasting system.

This product can automatically complete operations such as attracting insects, killing insects, dispersing insects, photographing, transmitting, collecting, draining, etc., and uploading the pest categories and counts to the agricultural insect situation in real time. Forecasting platform, and display on the web page, according to the identification results, analyze and predict the occurrence and development of pests.

The product can be widely used in: farmland, forestry, animal husbandry, vegetable garden, tobacco planting area, tea garden, medicinal material planting area, garden, fruit garden, urban green area and other fields.

2. Working principle

Trap pests by the principle of black light trapping, and then use far infrared to treat the pests (the lethality rate of the pests is not less than 98%, and the integrity rate of the pests is not less than 95%). The pests are killed, and then enter the drying warehouse for secondary treatment, which can more effectively complete the preservation of the pests. The insects enter the dispersing and tiling mechanism, and the insects are evenly scattered and spread on the conveyor belt through vibration. The conveyor belt accurately transports the insects to the photographing area, ensuring that each insect feature can be clearly photographed, laying a good foundation for AI recognition ;

The high-definition camera automatically completes the photographing and imaging, and uploads it to the insect monitoring and reporting platform through the 4G network for AI identification and statistical analysis.

System topology map

3. Technical parameters

Power supply method


Lamp start time


Network camera

5 million pixels

Recognition method

AI automatic recognition/manual recognition

Working temperature environment


Working humidity environment

0-95%RH (relative humidity), no condensation


Standby≤5W Whole lamp power≤450W


615*650* 1780mm

Signal output


Insulation resistance


Time control

Set the work according to the living habits of the target pest Time period

4, agricultural insect situation monitoring and reporting platform

01 real-time insect situation monitoring

02 real-time monitoring of the working status of the insect situation monitoring system

03 can realize remote manual monitoring Control of the pest monitoring system (such as taking photos)

04 can be recognized by AI, and artificial intelligence can recognize the insect body

05 can generate a pest recognition report

3. Functional characteristics

1. Automatic Light control technology: automatically turn on the lights at night and automatically turn off the lights during the day (standby)

2. Insect rain bin structure (rain and insect separation device): automatically drain rainwater and effectively separate rainwater and insect bodies

Louver design, it can work normally even in light rain

3. Insect identification filter: A filter is installed around the capture port to prevent fallen leaves and debris from entering the machine and affecting identification of insects

4. Far-infrared treatment of insects Body: Built-in infrared insecticidal lamp, lethality rate is more than 98%, secondary drying to ensure the integrity rate of pest body is more than 95%

5, built-in high-definition camera, support two working modes of automatic and remote manual photography, 4G/ Ethernet remote uploading

6, AI identification self-learning, artificial intelligence insect recognition, green prevention and control

7, GPS positioning, device location information is clear at a glance

8, automatic insect situation imaging, automatic platform Generate bug identification report

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