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Pfizer vaccine application emergency activation? Smart temperature and humidity recorder has something to say

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-21
Pfizer vaccine application emergency activation? Smart temperature and humidity recorder has something to say
There was a news that suddenly appeared on the hot search this morning: Pfizer said that its vaccine is 95% effective in preventing new crown infections, and it is preparing to apply for emergency use in 48 hours, and is expected to start delivery on December 25.

Pfizer and BioNTech said: The final data analysis found that the new crown virus vaccine that the two companies cooperated is 95% effective in preventing new crown infection. Even in the elderly population, the vaccine has a protective effect of more than 94%. The breakthrough progress brought about by this vaccine research and development undoubtedly makes people see the end of the night, and the dawn is finally coming.

However, although the development of the new crown vaccine has brought breakthroughs, the transportation of the vaccine has become a major problem. Pfizer vaccine belongs to mRNA vaccine. Although this vaccine has good effects, its storage temperature is extremely harsh. The mRNA vaccine must be stored at a very low temperature of minus 70 degrees Celsius for 6 months without affecting the effect. If it is in a refrigerator at 2 degrees Celsius to 8 degrees Celsius, it can only be stored for five days.

You must know that when vaccines are officially put on the market, especially for the new crown vaccine, a universal vaccine, how to facilitate storage and transportation is the primary issue. Due to the harsh storage conditions of Pfizer's new crown vaccine, it is destined that most of the existing cold chain systems cannot meet the transportation needs of the vaccine. Therefore, we should maintain a wait-and-see attitude when the vaccine is officially launched on the market.

Four domestic phase III clinical vaccines

Let’s talk about domestic vaccines again. The heavy news of Pfizer's vaccine investment this time not only made us excited about the dawning of the dawn, but we couldn't help but be a little worried about domestic vaccines, although the mRNA vaccine production process is relatively simple, the development speed is fast, and the cost is low. But after all, the data can be studied, and the actual progress of the domestically produced Phase III vaccine has not been announced, which inevitably makes people a little anxious. While praying for the smooth development of domestic vaccines, we might as well discuss domestic vaccines and medical cold chain logistics.

Domestic vaccines are simultaneously advancing vaccine research and development with 5 technical routes including inactivated vaccines, adenovirus vector vaccines, recombinant protein vaccines, nucleic acid vaccines and attenuated influenza virus vector vaccines. 5 routes and 13 vaccines have all entered clinical trials. , 4 vaccines have entered Phase III clinical trials, including Sinopharm (Wuhan Institute and Beijing Institute), Kexing Biological’s whole virus inactivated vaccine, and Cansino Biological’s adenovirus vector vaccine.

At present, the remarkable progress of these four vaccines is the CoronaVac vaccine developed by Kexing. This vaccine is an inactivated vaccine and has the advantages of being safe and easy to store. The storage temperature is 2-8°C. It just adapts to the storage temperature of most cold chain systems on the market.

Pharmaceutical cold chain system and temperature and humidity recorder

Pharmaceutical cold chain logistics refers to the project of refrigerated pharmaceutical transportation system for the purpose of preventing, diagnosing, and treating national diseases, ensuring that pharmaceutical products are shipped from the factory Every link in the entire chain from storage, transportation, distribution, sales to consumers is always within a specific temperature range, escorting pharmaceutical products and ensuring their quality and safety.

During the cold chain logistics and transportation of medicines, temperature and humidity have a great impact on medical products, especially for live vaccines such as the new crown vaccine. Temperature and humidity higher or lower than the standard temperature and humidity will affect its quality and safety. With the increasing requirements for real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity in my country's medical cold chain transportation, temperature and humidity recorders also play an irreplaceable role.

During transportation, the temperature and humidity recorder can automatically monitor and record the temperature and humidity in real time, which can effectively prevent the risk of 'chain broken' in cold chain transportation, ensure the quality of pharmaceutical products to the greatest extent, and reduce losses .

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