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Plant monitoring system for the plant forwards to light

by:Rika Sensors     2020-09-12
Plant monitoring system background: rice rice planthopper and rice vertical roll leaf moth, borer, rice gall midge, armyworm cesium security HaiNong crops to grow, and monitoring of diseases and pests is to prevent the spread of diseases and pests, enhance the level of pest control and an important means of prevention and cure effect and the work while the foundation, but is important in plant protection, so in order to more accurate and more efficient to carry out surveillance of diseases and pests, many areas using the Internet of things of agriculture technology is introduced, the monitoring system for intelligent degree higher, opened up a new era of the plant automation monitoring. < br / >

insect scouting system function: ( 1) Can complete automatic induced, kill process on agriculture and forestry pests, avoid forwards to career with poison, protect the environment;

( 2) Can use wireless technology to realize within 10 km radius according to different crops to establish the target information of the plant to collect, greatly improve the accuracy of telemetry

3) Agroforestry wild plant automatic real-time imaging, remote real-time transmission;

( 4) Implement field run all-weather unmanned automatic work;

( 5) The plant essence of telemetry information in weihai - open Internet of microclimate environment factor data information acquisition system, by analyzing intelligent computing model insects, command control technology of vibration frequency induced, microbial spray equipment, automatic release natural enemies, whether the temperature and humidity control into automatic working status;

( 6) Using the plant forwards to automatic acquisition system, grasps the insect activity time, type and number of natural enemies, whether you need guidance manual control to balance the effect of the target plant food chain;

( 7) Using the plant forwards to automatic acquisition system, combining with essence of weihai open Internet remote monitoring system, real-time control, monitoring targets plant harm state, provides the decision-making basis for the prevention and control of management in a timely manner.

plant monitoring system for the plant monitoring system is the meaning of agricultural new remote scientific assistant, not only to make the agricultural production has become more simple and at the same time also let more secure production effect, in the current our country to develop the scale of agriculture, green pollution-free agriculture big background, the plant monitoring system to the management and production work undoubtedly provides a lot of convenience, as do the scientific timely telemetry, often need to spend only a small number of pesticide resources will under hazard prevention and control of pests, greatly improving the health of modern agriculture.

weihai fine - provides the plant monitoring system can be dealt with far infrared insect body, contain optical, rain control unit, taking pictures insect body recognition, GPS positioning function, all-round monitoring of the plant, increase crop yield.

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