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Plant protection information monitoring system

by:Rika Sensors     2020-09-11
Background: with the development of science and technology and technology of information industry and plant protection, plant informatization development has 'a certain progress, from NongQing warning to the prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests were introduced some information system, the maintenance for plant protection personnel and government management provides a more scientific and efficient solution, to improve the overall level of the modernization level and the prevention and control plant diseases and insect pests monitoring.

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difficulties: plant protection monitoring data collection and remote location, work is difficult; The overall low efficiency, high cost; Some special data acquisition time, low efficiency; The lack of unified statistical analysis processing platform; Traditional data processing methods, the convergence efficiency is low; Shortage of telemetry team, structural imbalance; Data sorting way drab, error prone.

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function structure: the plant protection information monitoring system is mainly composed of the plant intelligent monitoring system, video monitoring stations, meteorological stations, spores, artificial acquisition and acquisition devices, remote network transmission system, cloud platform, etc, the overall structure is as follows:

's monitoring equipment:'s images taken by a camera can be real-time, and upload a cloud platform. Through's monitoring equipment, real-time acquisition field crops, through hd video in crop growth posture to judge whether the overall development and growth of the crop is good. Time taking pictures, each period of crop growth figure photos and upload to the data center, for late provide, according to the crop condition analysis. Upload images can be captured, can also be video recording, real-time preview. :

soil moisture monitoring facilities, data collection of farmland soil moisture and drought, soil moisture around the visual display, and through the graphic warning. Soil moisture monitoring system can realize all-weather continuous monitoring. The remote automatic monitoring equipment to collect real-time data of soil moisture, and use the wireless network to realize remote data transmission; The monitoring center automatically receive, automatic storage each point of monitoring data in the database.

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plant monitoring equipment, monitoring the plant information, and the plant real-time computing pictures, pictures can be uploaded to the cloud platform.

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NongQing monitoring equipment: 360 ° full infrared spherical camera, large coverage, management area can remote view the video. Monitoring equipment:

spores collected on air flow/infectious disease pathogen spores and flower dust grains, photograph and image information management, and analyzes the data, it is mainly used for detecting disease spores stock and diffusion dynamics, provide reliable data for the prevention of disease in. Can collect all kinds of pollen, in order to meet the needs of the unit using research. Instruments can be fixed in the telemetry area, fixed-point observation specific area spore type and quantity.

plant protection information monitoring system has been realized with the mobile phone, tablet PC, the PC end seamless docking. Convenient management through mobile phones and other mobile devices to view system information anytime and anywhere, remote operation related equipment. Implementation of remote monitoring and control of the situation of diseases and pests monitoring equipment, equipment working condition can be remote management.

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weihai precision - open agricultural plant protection information monitoring system is put forward that wisdom gained greater progress, give farmers greater convenience, agricultural products have become more health.

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