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Popular Science: Application of Agricultural Meteorological Station in Smart Agriculture

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-25
Popular Science: Application of Agricultural Meteorological Station in Smart Agriculture
In recent years, with the development of the agricultural planting industry, agro-meteorological stations are used in more and more agricultural plantings. The main function of agro-meteorological stations is to monitor the meteorological elements in agricultural planting. Through accurate monitoring of the meteorological elements of agricultural planting, it can provide reference data support for agricultural planting.

The agro-meteorological station not only needs to observe meteorology (including soil moisture), but also observes agricultural organisms in parallel in accordance with the agricultural science popularization: the application of meteorological observation norms in the smart agriculture of the agricultural meteorological station, and analyzes the benefits and benefits of agricultural organisms. Unfavorable weather conditions serve the local agricultural production; at the same time, it is necessary to submit observation data and reports to the higher-level business and service departments. According to the tasks it undertakes, the World Meteorological Organization divides it into four categories, namely, main agricultural meteorological stations, general agricultural meteorological stations, auxiliary agricultural meteorological stations and special agricultural meteorological stations, and respectively stipulate the staff and instruments that should be equipped.

The agro-meteorological station is flexible and easy to install. It can be installed in combination with the on-site environment. It varies according to the height of the vegetation and does not affect the growth of crops. The system uses wireless communication to transmit data, which can be used alone or in multi-station networking. The data is collected, processed, and analyzed uniformly through the central station software. Agricultural production is closely related to meteorology. A certain combination of light, heat, water, and gas is beneficial to a certain production and forms an effective agricultural natural resource;

Take rice planting as an example, after the installation of an agricultural weather station, a real-time Record the planting meteorological element data. When the rainstorm comes, the rainfall information can be monitored through the weather station. If the monitored rainfall is too much and it is not suitable for the growth of rice, then staff can be arranged to take countermeasures to solve the impact of rice! Through the monitoring of these meteorological elements, after taking certain measures, the yield of crops can be increased.

Agro-meteorological stations can study these agricultural natural resources and agriculture by monitoring elements such as wind direction, wind speed, air temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, rainfall, solar radiation, light quantum, soil temperature, soil moisture, and moisture. The temporal and spatial distribution of natural disasters serve the division and planning of agriculture, the rational layout of crops, the artificial adjustment of the microclimate, and the cultivation and management of crops. The composition of an agro-meteorological station generally has five parts.

The components of the agro-meteorological station are: weather sensor part, weather station support part, collector and transmission module part, solar panel and battery part, background computer terminal, and then I will give you a detailed description of these parts. Introduction.

Sensor part: The main function of the sensor part is to monitor meteorological element information, which can monitor wind speed, wind direction, PM2.5, light, carbon dioxide, air pressure, rainfall, air temperature, air humidity, rain and snow, etc. Choose according to your needs.

Weather station support part: The main function of the weather station support part is to place sensors, collectors and transmission modules, as well as solar panels.

The collector and transmission module part: The main function of the collector and the transmission module is to collect and transmit meteorological element data. The main function of the collector is to collect the meteorological elements. The data is sent to the background computer.

Background computer terminal part: The main function of the background computer terminal is to display and store data, which can be used for real-time monitoring, historical data query, over-limit remote alarm, export data in Excel, PDF file format and other functions, and provide visual graphics Output, data analysis.

Solar panels and batteries: The main function of solar panels and batteries is to provide power support to ensure that the weather station can work uninterrupted for 24 hours.

What are the characteristics of agricultural weather stations?

1. Establish an agricultural disaster early warning system to reduce agricultural disaster losses

Real-time monitoring of environmental data, when the set early warning value is reached, an alarm message will be issued to remind the administrator to take corresponding measures to reduce agricultural disasters Loss.

2. Realize precision agriculture management mode

Monitor climate factors, soil physical and chemical properties, combine crop physiological and ecological characteristics, accurately grasp the timing and amount of fertilizer application; avoid environmental pollution; reduce ineffective irrigation and save agriculture Use water.

3. Realize agricultural automation management

Realize intelligent automatic irrigation, remote management mode, reduce the number of management personnel and labor intensity, solve the problem of continuous shortage of agricultural labor, and reduce agricultural costs.

4. Convenient expansion, simple operation

Simple and convenient installation, convenient maintenance and upgrading, easy to deploy, and easy to operate on the software platform.

5. Query and browse data in multiple ways

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