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Popular science|The working principle, installation method and working mode of electronic water level gauge

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-04
Popular science|The working principle, installation method and working mode of electronic water level gauge
The earliest water ruler appeared in China in the time of King Zhaoxiang of Qin (251 BC), when Li Bing repaired the Dujiangyan Weir, and used 3 stone men standing in the water to observe the water level. The mark of water quantity and water quantity, this kind of mark was called water rule in ancient times, also known as water mark.

There are many rivers in our country, and the work of flood prevention and flood prevention and flood notification has been attached great importance to the past generations. In order to prevent floods and provide a large amount of reliable data and information for flood control decisions in time, it is necessary to accurately monitor the water levels of rivers, lakes and reservoirs in real time. With the continuous development of modern science and technology, hydrological monitoring equipment is becoming more advanced. Nowadays, to monitor the water level, the electronic water gauge, also known as the electronic water gauge, is often used.

Electronic water level gauge is a new type of water level measurement sensor, which is composed of PCB circuit board, common electrode, detection electrode, epoxy resin, metal shell, cable, etc. It can monitor real-time water level and upload the data to the monitoring platform. Assist the flood control platform to make correct decisions.

1. The working principle of the electronic water level gauge

The electronic water level gauge RS-DR-*-1 collects water depth information through a series of electrodes arranged at equal intervals. The electrodes of the collecting circuit show different in different conductivity According to the potential status, it is judged whether the electrode is submerged in the water. Then judge the water depth based on how many electrodes are submerged in the water.

Second, the characteristics of the electronic water level gauge

1. The use of advanced production technology, stainless steel as the protective shell, strong protection and anti-interference ability.

2. Using high-sealing materials, the equipment is not affected by external environmental factors such as sludge, pollutants, and sediments.

3. It has 1 switch signal output, which can be arbitrarily associated with alarm output or used for water level upper and lower limit control.

4. The sampling accuracy has nothing to do with the length of the equipment. The measuring accuracy of water gauges with different lengths remains unchanged, which is 1cm.

5. Various working modes can be modified according to the on-site situation.

6. The product has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-freeze, heat resistance and aging resistance, and can be used in various harsh environments such as mud, dirty liquid, corrosive liquid, and freezing.

3. The installation method of the electronic water level gauge

The installation method of the electronic water level gauge RS-DR-*-1 can be divided into vertical installation (hoisting) and inclined wall installation according to the actual situation of the site.

1. Vertical installation

According to the actual situation of the site, the sensor segments of different unit specifications can be combined into the required length, and then connected with a U-shaped connector to form an integral sensor.

2. Inclined wall mounting

is the same as the vertical mounting method. At this time, the measuring length of the sensor must be converted to the measuring height, so the measuring accuracy will be improved.

Fourth, the working mode of the electronic water level gauge

The electronic water level gauge has three working modes: altitude mode, water depth mode and tilt mode.

1. Air height mode: water level value u003d total length of water gauge-water level + reference value

2, water depth mode: water level value u003d water level + reference value

3 , Tilt mode: water level value u003d water level * cos (angle) + reference value The sensors of each section are placed in order, paying particular attention to the correct orientation of the sensors.

2. When the sensor connection length is greater than 4 meters, try to install it step by step at the site as much as possible;

3. It is not recommended to install after the overall cascade connection to prevent handling, Damage the sensor when moving.

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