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Pork has dropped for 18 weeks, is it necessary to install a smart breeding system?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-17
Pork has dropped for 18 weeks, is it necessary to install a smart breeding system?
According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs monitoring of the country’s 500 counties’ bazaars, pork prices nationwide have fallen for 18 consecutive weeks. In the fourth week of May, pork prices were 15.5 yuan per catty, a year-on-year decrease of 33.3%. In the Xinfadi market in Beijing, the wholesale price of some pork has fallen below 10 yuan per catty.

The reasons for this phenomenon can be summarized as follows: due to the recovery and improvement of live pig production capacity in various regions, and the occurrence of non-self-breeding and self-raising pig farmers at a loss, the pork market has caused turmoil in various regions, which has caused live pig prices and pork Prices fell rapidly.

This status quo will not last. In the future pork market, I believe that under the common dominance of major pig farmers and slaughter companies, the price of live pigs and pork will gradually stabilize. The first thing that pig farmers must do now is to ensure the survival rate of existing pigs by regulating the environment, and wait for the pork market to be reactivated.

The role of smart breeding system

The importance of environmental factors to the breeding industry has been confirmed by a large number of studies and practices, especially in closed breeding places in summer, as the temperature gradually increases, the humidity gradually increases. Large, harmful gases are more difficult to emit, which seriously affects and threatens the growth and reproduction of pigs.

The application of the intelligent breeding system has completely changed the original artificial breeding mode and embarked on the road of intelligent breeding. Through the intelligent breeding environment monitoring system, real-time monitoring of the environmental conditions in the livestock and poultry farms can ensure the health of pigs. , Improve the quality and yield in the pig raising process.

Smart breeding environment monitoring system

The smart breeding environment monitoring system launched is an environmental monitoring system launched to help traditional animal husbandry solve the problems of long cycle, low efficiency and low output.

The solution is based on the Internet of Things and cloud computing technology. It is composed of environmental monitoring terminals (sensors), communication terminals, industrial control modules and monitoring software. The control layer realizes intelligent regulation of the breeding environment.

Smart breeding sensor composition

The sensors used in the smart breeding environment monitoring system are: temperature and humidity sensor, carbon dioxide sensor, illuminance sensor, ammonia sensor, hydrogen sulfide sensor, sulfur dioxide sensor, wind direction and wind speed Sensors, rainfall sensors, TVOC sensors, etc. Most of the above-mentioned sensors use wall-mounted king-shaped shells, with high protection level and strong anti-interference ability, ensuring that the environmental data in the breeding site can be collected in real time for 24 hours, and providing data support for the management staff to formulate a reasonable breeding plan.

Intelligent breeding environment information collection and transmission

The intelligent breeding environment system can monitor the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, wind speed, wind direction and other elements in the breeding environment in real time with various intelligent breeding sensors. . By adopting the RS485 method, the collected environmental data are summarized to the environmental monitoring host. The environmental monitoring host can connect up to 32 485 transmitters installed in the breeding site, and integrate the various elements through GPRS/4G, Ethernet, etc. The monitoring data is uploaded to the large LED screen display and the breeding environment monitoring platform.

Characteristics of the smart breeding system

Over-limit alarm: The system can set the upper and lower limits of each element. Once the value of a certain element exceeds the limit, the system will notify you by SMS, phone, email, etc. Related management personnel.

Automatic control: The system adopts advanced industrial automation control technology. When the concentration of carbon dioxide, ammonia, etc. is too high, the harmful gases that affect the growth and development and disease resistance of the pigs exceed the safe range. It will automatically link fans and other equipment for ventilation treatment, and automatically shut down the ventilation equipment when the gas concentration reaches a safe range.

Remote supervision: The farming environment monitoring cloud platform supports login via web, mobile APP, WeChat official account, etc., and managers can log in to view and manage with accounts and passwords at any location; users can also add sub-accounts, multi-person Co-regulation.

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