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Practical application of IoT technology and environmental monitoring cloud platform

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-17
Practical application of IoT technology and environmental monitoring cloud platform
In the era of the Internet of Things, the Internet of Things technology has become the main means of environmental monitoring, and its role in social development has become very prominent. Especially in terms of environmental monitoring, the Internet of Things can build an environmental monitoring system with the Internet of Things as its core through the integration of advanced technologies such as sensors and cloud services, and promote environmental protection work to become more systematic and standardized.

In the field of environmental protection and the actual application of the Internet of Things technology, the environmental monitoring system based on the Internet of Things can realize the collection, transmission, analysis and storage of environmental information, which will help improve the effectiveness and quality of environmental protection work and promote the environment The continuous development of management has a very prominent role in promoting environmental development.

Environmental monitoring system based on the Internet of Things

Environmental monitoring system based on the Internet of Things can generally be divided into three levels: perception layer, network layer and application layer.

The main task of the perception layer is to collect and acquire data anytime and anywhere through a large number of sensors, RFID tags, cameras and other data collection devices. The core technologies involved in the perception layer are sensor technology, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and wireless sensor network (WSN) technology.

The network layer is based on the existing mobile communication network and the Internet of Things. Connect various access devices to the original network to realize reliable information interaction and sharing. The network layer also includes information storage and data management and processing functions. Therefore, in addition to network communication technology, the core technology of the network layer also includes cloud computing technology, data mining technology and intelligent identification technology. As a storage and analysis platform for massive sensing data, the cloud computing platform is an important part of the network layer of the Internet of Things and also provides a data foundation for the application layer.

The main task of the application layer is to conduct intelligent analysis of massive data, combined with the actual application needs of production and life, to form various IoT solutions and build intelligent industry applications.

The development trend of the Internet of Things in environmental monitoring

1. Improve the air monitoring capabilities of the Internet of Things environmental monitoring system

According to my country’s essential requirements for environmental monitoring, the air monitoring capabilities should be further improved. Relevant policies and regulations have continuously expanded the scope of air monitoring. Due to the rapid economic development, the sources of air pollution are also increasing. While formulating relevant air monitoring policies, different pollutants should also be coordinated and monitored to improve the effectiveness of IoT monitoring and realize the sharing of data and information. For example, through the detection of air PM2.5 indicators, the source of pollution can be determined, so as to formulate effective monitoring strategies, combine the actual situation, improve and improve the monitoring mechanism, so as to realize the systematic monitoring of air pollution problems, and improve the quality of air monitoring work. Efficiency.

2. Improve the unified information sharing platform for environmental monitoring of the Internet of Things

In order to effectively improve the monitoring effect of the environmental protection Internet of Things and improve the effectiveness of environmental monitoring, it is necessary to establish a unified information sharing platform to promote environmental monitoring data And information is shared, thereby effectively strengthening the public’s awareness of environmental protection and improving the quality of environmental monitoring. A unified IoT environmental monitoring cloud platform can realize automatic review, analysis and storage of data and information, and in-depth analysis of data information to ensure the reliability and accuracy of environmental monitoring.

In addition to monitoring the environment, IoT environmental monitoring can also be closely linked with social sciences. On the one hand, the data obtained by environmental monitoring is used to formulate or modify various environmental quality standards and be incorporated into national or regional environmental protection regulations; on the other hand, monitoring according to law can be used as a technical arbitration for the implementation of environmental protection regulations. It can be seen that environmental monitoring based on the Internet of Things is also very important for environmental scientific research and environmental protection.

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