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Practical application of oil fume monitoring system in environmental supervision

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-30
Practical application of oil fume monitoring system in environmental supervision
With the gradual release of vaccines, the catering industry has developed rapidly, and various small restaurants have sprung up on the streets and alleys, and the whole society has returned to the prosperous scene last year.

However, there are always advantages and disadvantages. The development of the catering industry has not only brought back new vitality and vitality, but also brought the problem of oil fume pollution back to people's vision.

According to statistics from relevant departments, catering oil fume emission disturbs the people and pollutes the environment. It has become one of the hot and difficult problems with more complaints and strong responses from the masses in the second half of this year. To solve this chronic disease of the people’s livelihood, we need to popularize oil fume monitoring again. System, real-time monitoring of oil fume emission in the catering industry.

1. Current status of oil fume monitoring system

Although the country has been vigorously promoting the popularization of oil fume monitoring systems, due to differences in legal awareness and environmental protection awareness, perfect oil fume monitoring systems are only concentrated in large restaurants The medium and small restaurants do not have a strong recognition of the oil fume monitoring system. They think that the oil fume monitoring system is purely to cope with the superiors' 'fancyIn order to change this situation, this article will give a systematic and detailed introduction to the oil fume monitoring system.

Second, the function and principle of the oil fume monitoring system

There are many inferior products on the market and lack of reference standards. This article takes the oil fume monitoring system as an example to popularize the functions of the oil fume monitoring system and install the oil fume monitoring in detail. The necessity of the system.

The oil fume online monitoring system is a system that integrates oil fume monitoring, data collection, data transmission, mobile internet, and cloud platform services. It uses Alibaba cloud and Internet of Things technology, through the oil fume monitor and environmental monitoring cloud platform, to Key indicators such as the concentration of oil fume emission in restaurants, the operating status of purifiers, and the operating status of fans are monitored online for 24 hours.

When the oil fume equipment is abnormal, the oil fume concentration exceeds the standard and other problems, the oil fume monitoring system can automatically send SMS/email to the restaurant, the third party of the equipment and the local environmental protection bureau in time, which is truly digital, networked, and intelligent. Management and maintenance.

3. Pump suction oil fume monitor

Pump suction oil fume monitor RS-LB-300 is an online oil fume monitoring host designed in response to the country’s supervision of cooking fume in the catering industry . The host can continuously measure the concentration of oil fume, particulate matter, and non-methane total hydrocarbon (NMHC) concentration in the kitchen exhaust pipe for 24 hours, and upload it to our free monitoring platform or government monitoring platform.

The pump suction principle enables the oil fume monitor to accurately analyze the concentration of oil fume and particulate matter in an environment where the composition of oil fume is complex on site, and will not be affected by the large amount of steamer, cage, etc. produced in the kitchen. The influence of steam makes the monitoring more accurate.

4. Environmental monitoring cloud platform

The cloud platform integrates the multi-element data uploaded by the oil fume monitor to realize centralized monitoring; it is convenient for users to view, and the data exceeds the standard alarm at the same time, and can send alarm messages to designated contacts Or email; at the same time, the platform has a data recording function, and normal data and over-standard data can also be classified and displayed; the platform can perform site ranking and data statistical analysis for each device, and provide strong support for the scheduling and decision-making of the competent departments at all levels.

The blue sky defense war is about to end. The '14th Five-Year Plan' has also set new indicators for environmental protection in the next five-year plan. In the future, environmental monitoring will definitely pay more and more attention to oil fume monitoring. More and more stringent. We should also upgrade and replace the oil fume online monitoring system on the basis of the previous period. While doing a good job in catering, we must meet the emission standards of oil fume and not exceed the emission standards.

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