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Precautions for the use of gas detector

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-24
Precautions for the use of gas detectors
For the chemical, gas, metallurgical and other industries, gas detection is one of the very important safety procedures, because in the industrial production process, there are irritating gases and asphyxiating gases, and these gases are mostly corrosive. Entering the human body through the respiratory tract can cause acute poisoning. Therefore, gas detectors have been widely used in all walks of life. The gas detector is an instrumentation tool for gas leakage concentration detection. The correct use of the gas detector can improve production efficiency and ensure the safety of people's lives and properties. So what should we pay attention to when using it?

1. The choice of gas detector

Different gas detectors are suitable for different scenarios. When choosing a gas detector, be sure to consult the manufacturer whether it is suitable for the scene you want to use, so as not to cause loss. The liquid crystal gas transmitter can be used to detect the gas concentration parameters in the air environment. When the concentration exceeds the preset alarm value, an audible and visual alarm signal will be issued to remind users to take safety measures in time to prevent explosion and poisoning accidents, thereby protecting lives , Property safety.

The transmitter adopts a first-line brand of electrochemical sensor, which has the characteristics of rapid response and strong anti-interference ability. After the compensation algorithm designed by the company, multi-stage standard gas calibration, it has long life and high accuracy. , High repeatability and high stability, with large-screen LCD display. The equipment adopts wide-voltage 10-30V DC power supply, 485 signal output, standard Modbus-RTU communication protocol, ModBus address can be set, baud rate can be changed, and the maximum communication distance is 2000 meters. It can be remotely controlled by infrared, and the parameters can be modified without disassembly.

2. Matters needing attention before using the gas detector

(1) Before use, you should carefully read the instructions corresponding to the gas detector, and be familiar with the performance and operating methods of the machine.

(2) Check whether the battery is sufficient. If the battery is found to be insufficient, replace the battery in time.

(3) Check the air intake filter of the debris that needs to be cleaned or replaced.

(4) Startup time Press the start button for 3 seconds, enter the self-check state, observe whether the detector is set with a low alarm value and whether the high alarm value is set accurately (the first level of the CO detector is 50 ppm, the second level is 50 ppm) Alarm 100 ppm; first-level alarm for oxygen detector 19.5%, second-level alarm 22%; first-level alarm for hydrogen sulfide detector 10 ppm, second-level alarm 15 ppm), if you don’t need to set it, you should modify it immediately.

(5) During the start-up process, the self-check should listen to the graded alarm sound and light alarm, the vibration alarm is accurate, if it does not meet the set requirements, it should not be used, and it should be modified immediately.

(6) Observe whether the initial value is accurate after starting under fresh air conditions (the initial display of the 0 ppm≤O2 detector is 20.9%; the initial display of the hydrogen sulfide detector is 0 ppm). If the displayed value is inaccurate and strictly prohibited, it should be modified immediately.

Three, several problems that should be paid attention to in the use of gas detector

(1) Read the corresponding manual carefully before use, and be familiar with the performance and operation methods of the machine.

(2) Check the air intake filter of the debris that needs to be cleaned or replaced.

(3) Try to avoid collisions during use, resulting in abnormal detection data.

(4) Sensors and other parts are precision components. Do not open the lid at will when adjusting the instrument. Pay attention to the input of waterproof and impurity during use to prevent abnormal data.

(5) If the indicator light flashes continuously, the display suddenly has no value display, the gas obviously exceeds the standard area, the value does not move, and the gap is large, stop the operation immediately and evacuate to the fresh air area to observe If you have any problem, remove it in time, otherwise it is strictly forbidden to continue using it;

(6) Clean the dust on the surface after shutting down, and clean the equipment.

(7) When you are not working for a long time, you should turn off the machine and place it in a dry, dust-free environment that meets the storage temperature.

With the continuous progress and development of science and technology, gas detectors and other instruments and meters will be more and more used in our daily work and life. We should purchase them reasonably, read the instructions carefully, and use the instruments and meters correctly.

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