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Principle and application of hydrogen transmitter

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-22
Principle and application of hydrogen transmitter
Hydrogen energy is the energy released by hydrogen in the process of physical and chemical changes. It is a green, efficient, safe and sustainable secondary energy source. Hydrogen energy (hydrogen) is called the clean energy of mankind in the future, and it is also regarded as the clean energy with the most development potential in the 21st century.

Hydrogen is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, flammable and explosive gas. It has the risk of explosion when mixed with fluorine, chlorine, oxygen, carbon monoxide and air. It can also occur when exposed to heat or open flames. Explosion. Although hydrogen itself is non-toxic, it is physiologically inert to the human body. If the hydrogen content in the air increases, it will cause hypoxic suffocation. If the liquid hydrogen overflows and suddenly evaporates in a large area, it will also cause the environment to become hypoxic. Therefore, whether in industrial production or in daily life, we all need to prevent hydrogen leakage at the place of use. How should the hydrogen concentration be monitored? The editor here takes the hydrogen transmitter developed and produced as an example to explain.

How to prevent hydrogen leakage?

In the above, we know that hydrogen is a colorless and odorless gas. It is very light and easily dispersed. Even if it leaks, it is difficult to be detected by the staff. In this case, in order to better reduce such safety accidents, we need to use a device that can monitor hydrogen concentration-hydrogen transmitter to help manufacturers monitor the hydrogen concentration on site, and use the detected concentration information to determine whether the site is A hydrogen leak has occurred.

Hydrogen transmitter

The designed hydrogen transmitter adopts imported first-line brand electrochemical hydrogen sensor, which has the characteristics of rapid and sensitive response and strong anti-interference ability. After a unique compensation algorithm, multi-stage Standard gas calibration also has the characteristics of long life, high precision, high repeatability and high stability. There are many options for the measurement range: 0~1000ppm, 0~40000ppm; high measurement accuracy, up to ±3%FS, repeatability up to ±2%; at the same time, different styles can be customized according to different needs. It is widely used in various occasions where hydrogen leakage is easy and the concentration needs to be monitored in real time.

Hydrogen transmitter data upload

The hydrogen transmitter can output signals through RS485 and analog signals. It can be uploaded to the computer via USB to 485 port, or connected to PLC and single chip microcomputer via 485 to 232, IC.

Six characteristics of hydrogen transmitter:

1. The chip of the hydrogen transmitter is specially processed, and a dedicated EMC anti-interference device is used inside, which can withstand strong battery interference.

2. Using standard ModBus-RTU communication protocol: 485 communication interface, communication address and baud rate can be set, and the communication distance is up to 2000 meters.

3. It has safety protection, power supply reverse connection protection, and port connection error protection, which can resist the impact of the harsh environment of the industrial site, so as to carry out effective protection.

4. The use of high-precision probe: the probe has long life, high precision, high repeatability, high stability, and can be safe, reliable, and accurate in harsh environments.

5. The transmitter shell adopts a wall-mounted king-shaped shell, the shell is also IP67, and the protection level is high; the internal waterproof tape is used for multi-channel waterproof treatment, which can adapt to various harsh conditions on the spot. The equipment can work normally and stably in harsh environments. (IP67: overall protection against contact and dust penetration; protection against short-term soaking).

6. The equipment adopts polymer waterproof materials, which can not only filter out the humidity in the environment, but also ensure the normal circulation of gas, which further ensures the accuracy of the equipment measurement.

In recent years, the country has paid special attention to the research and development of new energy sources such as hydrogen, and invested a lot of money in research. Although it has been effective, the transportation and storage of hydrogen has yet to be resolved. At present, hydrogen is widely used in environments such as laboratories and chemical plants. Before the transportation and storage problems are solved, it is recommended to install hydrogen transmitters to ensure people's health and safety.

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