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Principle and application of solar radiation sensor

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-09
Principle and application of solar radiation sensor
With the advancement of science and technology, people's understanding of the sun has gradually deepened, and the mystery of solar radiation has begun to be gradually unveiled. In order to improve the utilization rate of solar radiation and make it play a greater role, the industry uses solar radiation sensors to monitor solar radiation and make reasonable plans according to its intensity. So what is solar radiation, and how do we use solar radiation? Let's listen to the editor in detail!

First, let me introduce what solar radiation is. Solar radiation refers to the sun transmitting energy in the form of electromagnetic waves, and the electromagnetic waves and particle streams emitted by the sun into the universe. The energy transferred by solar radiation is called solar radiant energy. Although the solar radiation energy received by the earth is only one-two billionth of the total radiation energy emitted by the sun into the universe, it is the main source of energy for the movement of the earth’s atmosphere and the main source of the earth’s light and heat energy.

We can understand what solar radiation is, but when we talk about solar radiation, we often don’t think about the application of solar radiation in our lives, but the problem that solar radiation can cause cancer; perhaps because the word radiation is always Let people bring some bad imaginations. Of course, the carcinogenic solar radiation often mentioned in our lives refers to the ultraviolet rays that pass through the atmosphere. Scientific research shows that long-term exposure of ultraviolet rays to the skin will cause various skin diseases and increase the possibility of cancer. Therefore, we should reduce going out when the sun is particularly strong outside; when traveling, take measures such as applying sunscreen and wearing sun hats and umbrellas; daily avoiding direct sunlight can withstand the damage of ultraviolet rays.

The above mentioned a little bit of solar radiation in life. Now back to the topic, let’s talk specifically about how we monitor and use solar radiation through solar radiation sensors in industry and production.

The solar radiation sensor adopts the photoelectric principle and can be used to measure solar radiation with a spectral range of 0.3~3μm. The radiation sensor uses high-precision photosensitive elements, broad spectrum absorption, high absorption in the full spectrum range, and good stability; at the same time, a dust cover with a light transmittance of 95% is installed outside the sensing element, and the dust cover is specially treated to reduce dust Adsorption can effectively prevent environmental factors from interfering with internal components, and can more accurately measure solar radiation.

The outdoor solar radiation sensor will be affected by dust and rain and snow. The solar radiation sensor produced is equipped with a specially treated transparent dust cover outside the sensing element, and its light transmittance is as high as 95 %, while reducing the adsorption of outdoor dust, it can also effectively prevent environmental factors from interfering with internal components.

The solar radiation transmitter uploads the collected data to the cloud platform through the GPRS data collector, and the administrator logs in to the cloud platform through the account password to realize the monitoring and management of the equipment, and the sun can be viewed on the cloud platform Real-time radiation intensity data can also download historical data to make reports for research use.

With the development of science and technology, people have learned to use solar radiation, such as the precise observation of solar radiation in the meteorological industry, solar thermal and photovoltaic power plant solar radiation monitoring, and the balance of solar radiation energy on the earth’s surface Research, outdoor testing of materials, and solar radiation research in university research institutes, etc., not only bring convenience to our lives but also make our lifestyle more environmentally friendly.

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