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Principle and classification application of infrared sensor

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-07
An infrared sensor is a sensor that uses infrared rays for data processing, and uses the physical properties of infrared rays for measurement. Infrared is also called infrared light, which has properties such as reflection, refraction, scattering, interference, and absorption. Any substance, as long as it has a certain temperature (above zero), can radiate infrared rays. The infrared sensor is not in direct contact with the measured object during measurement, so there is no friction, and it has the advantages of high sensitivity and fast response.

Photoelectric tipping sensor:

The photoelectric tipping sensor adopts infrared photoelectric technology, through a non-contact solution with a life span of more than 100,000 hours, to get the signal output of tipping or not. The dumping angle is controlled by precision molds, so the dumping angle can be controlled at +/-5 degrees.

The function of the anti-tip switch: (using the electric fan as an example) When the electric fan inclines too large or falls down, the circuit is disconnected after the anti-tip switch gives a signal, and the electric fan stops working. Raise the electric fan, and do nothing when it is dumped, and the electric fan continues to work. The main function is to protect electrical appliances from dumping.

Application of anti-dumping switch:

1, electric heater, oil heater, electric fan, air purifier

2, vertical air conditioner, physiotherapy equipment, sports equipment

3. Other electrical appliances and equipment that need dumping protection

Infrared ranging sensor:

Infrared ranging sensors can accurately detect the distance of objects, and are suitable for service robots, sweeping robots, smart toilet lids, and smart drinking fountains. It has the performance characteristics of anti-ambient light interference, anti-electromagnetic wave signal interference, automatic gain control, etc. We provide products with different detection distances (1mm-1500mm) and output methods (analog signals and digital signals), which can meet the different cost-effective needs of various industries such as home appliances, automation, 3C, and toys.

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