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Principle and classification of tilt sensor

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-11
Principle and classification of tilt sensor
The inclination sensor is an acceleration sensor that uses the principle of inertia to measure the change in the inclination angle relative to the horizontal plane. Because the inclination sensor has the characteristics of high accuracy, accurate monitoring, and timely warning, it is suitable for various application environments, is basically not affected by the outside world, is simple to operate, and is convenient to use, so it is widely used in various angle measurement applications.

So today, let's take a look at the working principle of the tilt sensor and several common classifications.

One. What is an inclination sensor?

Inclination sensors are also called inclinometers, inclinometers, level meters, and inclinometers. They are often used to measure the horizontal angle change of the system. The level meters are developed from the simple water bubble level in the past to the electronic level. result. As a detection tool, it has become an indispensable and important measurement tool in the fields of bridge erection, railway laying, civil engineering, oil drilling, aviation and navigation, industrial automation, intelligent platforms, and mechanical processing. The electronic level is a very accurate detection tool for measuring small angles. It can measure the inclination of the measured plane relative to the horizontal position, the mutual parallelism and perpendicularity of the two parts.

2. The basic principle of inclination sensor

The theoretical basis of inclination sensor is Newton's second law: According to basic physical principles, in a system, the speed cannot be measured, but its acceleration can be measured. If the initial velocity is known, the linear velocity can be calculated through integration, and then the linear displacement can be calculated, so it is actually an acceleration sensor using the principle of inertia. When the inclination sensor is stationary, that is, there is no acceleration in the lateral and vertical directions, then only the acceleration of gravity acts on it. The angle between the vertical axis of gravity and the sensitive axis of the acceleration sensor is the tilt angle.

Three, three common inclination sensors

The inclination sensor is often used to measure the horizontal distance of the system and the height of the object. From the working principle, it can be divided into solid pendulum, liquid pendulum, and gas pendulum. There are three types of inclination sensors, all of which use the earth's gravitational force to convert the attitude angle of the sensor's sensitive device to the earth, that is, the angle (inclination) with the earth's gravity, into an analog signal or a pulse signal. As far as the tilt sensor based on the principle of solid pendulum, liquid pendulum and gas pendulum is concerned, they have their own advantages.

1. Solid pendulum inclination sensor

The sensitive mass of the solid pendulum is the mass of the pendulum; the solid pendulum inclination sensor has a clear pendulum length and center, and its mechanism is basically the same as that of an acceleration sensor. In practical applications, there are many types of products such as electromagnetic pendulums, which have high measurement range, accuracy and anti-overload capability, and are also widely used in weapon systems.

2. Liquid pendulum sensor

The sensitive quality of the liquid pendulum is electrolyte; the liquid pendulum sensor is between the two, but the system is stable. It is widely used in high-precision systems and is widely used in China. Most foreign products are of this kind.

3. Gas pendulum angle sensor

The sensitive mass of the gas pendulum is gas; gas is a moving body in a sealed cavity, its mass is small, and the inertial force generated in the event of a large impact or high overload is also small , So it has strong resistance to vibration or shock. However, the gas motion control is more complicated, and there are many factors that affect its motion, and its accuracy cannot meet the requirements of the weapon system.

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