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Problems and Thoughts on the Management Standards of Weather Station Equipment

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-10
Problems and Thoughts on the Management Standards of Weather Station Equipment
The management of weather station equipment and data management is not only for the professionals of the meteorological bureau. For those in agriculture, tourism and other industries, they should also have an understanding of the management of the weather station. The following is from the operation and maintenance of the weather station and the meteorological From two aspects of station data management, let’s analyze the problems of weather station equipment management standards for everyone.

1. Meteorological station operation and maintenance problems and solutions (hardware side)

Due to the uncertainty of the weather, industries such as agricultural production and hydrometeorology are easily affected by sudden severe weather. Daily weather station equipment maintenance is an important foundation for dealing with harsh environments and ensuring operation. In order to ensure the stable operation of weather stations, the following requirements are put forward for the selection and operation and maintenance of weather station equipment:

1. Routine equipment inspection: Such as the rotation of the wind speed and direction sensor; whether the rain gauge is blocked and placed in the correct position; whether the soil monitoring equipment meets the measurement standard, etc.; these details affect the normal use of the equipment.

Especially for the mechanical wind speed and direction sensor, as time increases, there are reasons such as friction and aging of the rotating parts, which are likely to cause damage to the parts and affect the accuracy of the measurement. In order to save the time of checking the equipment, we can choose an ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor, which uses the influence of the air flow (wind) to measure the wind speed by using the speed of ultrasonic propagation in the air.

(Small ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor)

2. Protection equipment connection line: For the exposed transmission line, because it is exposed all the year round, it is necessary to check frequently and remove the debris around the cable in time , The poor contact of the line is also one of the important reasons for the unfavorable information transmission;

Weather station pole body: After precise calculation, the traditional power supply method is abandoned. . If the micro connecting hole is not used, it will be a whole with the rod, with beautiful appearance and good protection performance; when in use, the wire groove can be gently knocked off with a small hammer to complete the wiring.

2. Weather station data management work (software)

Data management work under artificial environment

The weather station data mainly includes climate data and weather data. The climate data is meteorological data. The various original climate data observed by monitoring instruments, and weather data are the original data for analyzing and predicting weather phenomena.

After these data are collected by the sensor collection terminal and uploaded to the weather station, they will be sorted and analyzed by the management personnel to conduct real-time analysis of the current environment. However, in the current data management methods, most manual observation stations need to sort, enter, and adjust the data manually, which cannot guarantee the data entry in time, or the entered data is not verified as required, which finally leads to data errors. .

Environmental monitoring cloud platform

is based on GPRS communication technology. After collecting the data uploaded by sensors through the communication server, the data is automatically uploaded with GPRS/4G.

We first insert the corresponding mobile phone card into the card slot, and then put the GPRS antenna outside the waterproof box to ensure that the communication signal is not shielded. When the weather station is working, it sends real-time data to the weather environment monitoring cloud platform through the GPRS signal timing (1S~10000S/time can be set).

The environmental monitoring cloud platform has the functions of receiving real-time data, displaying real-time data and storing historical data. Usually, the outdoor weather stations in the scenic spots are mostly installed far away from the monitoring center. At this time, we can log in to the cloud platform through the web, mobile APP or WeChat official account to view or set all the parameters of the outdoor weather station.

my country’s agricultural and other industries cannot do without the support of automatic weather stations for weather monitoring. With the rapid development of science and technology, automatic weather stations must continue to improve their business level and expand their business scope, so as to better serve the people. Life and economic development services.

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