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Protecting the environment, starting from a variety of trees_soil moisture monitoring function and its application

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-20
Protecting the environment, starting from a variety of trees_soil moisture monitoring function and its application

Do you know?

11 hectares of land are turned into desert every minute in the world.

Every year, at least 60,000 biological species are extinct.

The number of forests that disappear every minute is equivalent to 36 A football field

There are many large and small deserts in the northwest region of our country, most of which are due to excessive reclamation and overgrazing, which led to soil erosion and finally formed deserts. In order to control these deserts, our country has spent huge manpower, material resources and financial resources. Now some desert areas have been effectively controlled, and some deserts have been successfully controlled and turned into green areas.

But desert planting has always been not an easy task. Whether it is from the environment or the water source, it is a huge problem. Since it is a problem, why persist?

1. Resist wind and sand and prevent desert expansion

Trees can prevent wind and sand. Plant trees through the desert, and the roots can fix loose sand particles, weaken the wind in the desert area and prevent the desert from expanding .

2. Conservation of water and soil

Arid and semi-arid regions have the characteristics of lack of water resources and excessive wind, coupled with the destruction of land by people, making arable land slow Slowly has also become desert land. Planting trees in the desert can improve water and soil and improve the ecological environment.

3. Reduce air pollution

Trees can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during the growth process, thereby purifying the air.

To protect the environment, start with multiple trees

Desert planting moisture is the most important factor

Tube Soil Moisture Monitor

We call a soil sensor that can dynamically monitor the real-time status of soil temperature and water content in different soil layers, called a tubular soil moisture monitor.

The tubular soil moisture monitor is a sensor based on the principle of dielectric constant. It can dynamically observe the soil moisture content and temperature status at different levels. This detector can detect at least 3 layers of soil temperature and humidity, and up to 5 layers of soil temperature and humidity, which can quickly and comprehensively understand soil moisture information.

The soil moisture monitor RS-*W*S-GPRS-TR-3 adopts a layered monitoring structure and is designed and developed based on the principle of dielectric constant; every 10cm in the soil Configure a temperature and humidity measurement point to monitor the soil temperature and water content of the lowest 3 or highest 5 layers in real time through the high-frequency detection wave of nearly 1G Hz emitted from the inside of the device, and support custom-made more layers of tubular soil moisture monitoring instrument.

The tubular soil moisture monitor uses a shell made of PVC plastic pipes to protect the sensor’s electrodes from direct contact with the soil. During monitoring, it can effectively avoid the interference of electricity on the soil and the plants in the soil. The detection wave is not affected by soil salt ions, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation and other agricultural activities, so as to effectively perceive the true state of the soil and ensure accurate data.

How to solve the problem of power supply when the monitor works outdoors? In fact, it is very simple. The tube soil moisture monitor has a built-in battery that can be used outdoors for a week. It can also be equipped with a 10W solar charging board RS-SP-10W-1 to charge the battery, which solves the user’s concerns about long-term outdoor work. There will be a dead battery.

In order to ensure the long-term stable monitoring of the tubular soil moisture monitor, and avoid the influence of external factors, if it is installed in a low-lying place, it is easy to cause rainwater to pour into the inside of the equipment, which will cause the equipment Short circuit or line failure. Therefore, we need to choose to install the monitor on a relatively high and flat location to ensure the accuracy of the monitoring data.

People live up to the green hills, and green hills will live up to people

China's sand control for more than 30 years

A variety of sand control coups emerge in an endless stream:

air flow method, water jet method, auger method , Licorice translation technology,

wind direction data method of afforestation technology, big data drone afforestation...

The dunes become gentle, and the oasis grows up day by day

creating a 'desert miracle


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