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'Rain gauge' makes the city breathe like a sponge

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-02
'Rain gauge' makes the city breathe like a sponge
'Let the city breathe like a sponge' was first proposed by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in 2014. Background: At that time, almost all traditional cities adopted the fast drain mode, and rainwater fell on the hardened ground and could only be drained from the pipes. As soon as the heavy rainfall came, it felt that it was not enough to build many pipelines. Many cities with severe water shortages caused 70% of the rainwater to be lost in this way. Therefore, the construction model can no longer meet the needs of the healthy development of the city.

In this context, the central government proposes to build a 'sponge city' with natural accumulation, natural penetration, and natural purification, so as to prevent the city from becoming an airtight 'cement board'. The specific measures are: the use of rain gauges and other rainfall equipment to control and manage rainfall, and at the same time integrate the 'sponge city' concept into urban construction, continuously enhance the adaptability to environmental changes, and create a more livable urban environment.

After the “sponge city” plan was put forward, in 2015, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and the Ministry of Water Resources selected 16 cities for the pilot project of sponge city construction. Now that these sixteen cities have renovated urban streets and monitored and controlled rainwater rationally, most of the cities have eliminated the ailments that must be flooded every time it rains, and rainwater can also be effectively stored. Since then, rainwater is no longer part of the city. Kind of 'baggage'.

Until today after the 'sponge city' has achieved remarkable results, on November 5th, the Vision 5G-XR Mayor Command Hall made a brilliant appearance at the 20th China International Urban Construction Expo.

Vision 5G-XR mayor's command hall came into being in response to the construction requirements of 'national governance system and governance capability modernization'. The Mayor’s Command Hall is built based on 5G, big data and XR cluster user integrated display technology, which can receive and display the grand information flow of the 5G era in a large number, centralized, efficient, hierarchical, and shared by multiple people.

The Expo covered six topics in total, of which the fifth topic is mainly about the monitoring and management of urban rainfall. The topic said: In the rainy season, rain is an annoyance; in the dry season, rain is a treasure. If the city becomes a sponge and absorbs water when it rains and releases water when there is no rain, the problems of urban waterlogging and drought will be solved.

Rain gauge with plans for waterlogging treatment

In order to make the precipitation more accurate and comparative, the meteorological observation specifications stipulate: precipitation refers to the liquid or solid falling from the sky to the ground ( After melting), the depth of precipitation that accumulates on the horizontal surface without evaporation, infiltration, or loss. The amount of precipitation is measured in millimeters. The basic instrument for measuring precipitation is a rain gauge

The rain gauge can monitor rainfall in real time, and is a necessary means to grasp the status of the flood area, early warning of safety accidents, and assisting in flood control.

The gutter flow meter with a plan for waterlogging treatment

The gutter flow meter is a product of the exhibition area of u200bu200bBeijing University of Architecture and Construction. Measuring rainwater flow and monitoring rainwater quality is the technical basis for rainwater control and utilization. The gutter flow meter is an important part of the construction of the drainage pipe network monitoring system. It can be used to know in time whether there is water on the road, whether the drainage is normal, whether the pipeline is blocked, etc., which plays a positive role in the management of the urban drainage network. . The gully flowmeter is based on the principle of fluid dynamics and the law that the impact force of the jet is proportional to the flow rate, and the gully flow can be calculated by measuring the impact force of the water flow falling into the gully.

How to measure the small flow of rainwater is a major technical problem in rainwater measurement. Through the narrow design of the opening under the curved weir, the small flow weir flow meter can also obtain large water level data under small flow rain water, realizing effective measurement of initial rainwater. When the rainwater flow is large, the opening of the small flow weir flow meter will quickly widen to ensure smooth drainage.

my country's stormwater management system technology has been very mature, and has a certain degree of control ability in urban flood and drought resistance, but there is a large gap in talents familiar with this technology. At present, what urgently needs to be solved is to increase the training of urban management talents and provide sufficient intellectual support for the construction of sponge cities.

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