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Read the tipping bucket rain gauge in one article

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-20
Read the tipping bucket rain gauge in one article
Rain, a natural precipitation phenomenon, is produced by atmospheric cycle disturbances. It is an indispensable part of the earth's water cycle. It is the only way for almost all terrestrial plants far away from rivers to replenish fresh water. It is the most important in human life. Of fresh water resources.

Rain is a drop of water falling from the cloud. The water on the surface of land and ocean evaporates into water vapor. When the water vapor rises to a certain height, it turns into small water droplets when it is cold. These small water droplets form a cloud. They collide with each other in the cloud and merge into large water droplets. When it couldn't hold it, it fell from the cloud and formed rain.

Regarding the level of rainfall, the meteorological regulations are as follows:

The rainfall within 24 hours is less than 10.0 mm, or the rainfall within an hour is less than 2.5 mm, which is called light rain.

The rainfall within 24 hours is less than 10.0~24.9mm, or the rainfall within an hour is less than 2.6~8.0mm, it is called moderate rain.

If the rainfall is less than 25.0~49.9mm within 24 hours, or the rainfall is less than 8.1~15.9mm within an hour, it is called heavy rain.

If the rainfall is less than 50.0~99.9 mm within 24 hours, or the rainfall exceeds 16.0 mm within an hour, it is called torrential rain.

In 24 hours, the rainfall is less than 100.0~199.9 mm, and reaches or exceeds 200.0 mm, which is called extreme rainstorm.

The tipping bucket rain gauge is an instrument for measuring rainfall. It consists of the rain port 1 (shown in the figure below), the filter screen 2, the water diversion funnel 3, the tipping bucket bracket 4, the tipping bucket 5, the tipping bucket sleeve 6, and the inclination adjustment device. 7. Level adjustment device 8, constant magnet steel 9, dry reed switch 10, signal output terminal 11, drain funnel 12, base 13, stainless steel cylinder 14, base support foot 15, etc. Among them, the tipping bucket bracket 4 is equipped with a tipping bucket sleeve 6 and a round horizontal bubble, a dry reed tube bracket and a signal output terminal.

The measuring principle of the tipping bucket rain gauge: rainwater enters the water receiver from the top rain port, falls into the water diversion funnel, and flows into the tipping bucket through the funnel mouth. When the water accumulation reaches a certain height, the tipping bucket loses balance Tipping; Pour the water out. As the rain continues, the tipping bucket will be turned left and right. The contact switch will turn the tipping bucket times into an electrical signal, which will be sent to the recorder, and the precipitation data will be read on the cumulative counter and self-recording clock, and so on. Then the rainfall process can be measured.

Currently, there are two materials that are most sold on the market, one is ABS plastic, and the other is stainless steel. Compared with the two materials, I believe everyone will choose the more durable stainless steel. It is worth noting that some products use stainless steel shells, but the internal tipping bucket bracket is replaced with ABS material to reduce costs. In the harsh outdoor environment, the service life is obviously not as good as the more aging all-stainless steel rain gauge.

The shell of the tipping bucket rain gauge and the tipping bucket bracket are made of stainless steel, which is not afraid of aging and is more suitable for harsh outdoor environments. The three-dimensional streamline design makes the tipping bucket more smooth, and it has the function of self-cleaning dust and easy cleaning. The drooping arc-surface diversion tip has a beautiful and smooth appearance and better water turning performance. In order to prevent leaves and other debris from blocking the downflow of rain, the tipping bucket rain gauge is designed with meshes at the funnel to minimize the error caused by stagnant water; its tipping bucket component support system is well-made, and the friction torque is small, so the tipping bucket components are flipped sensitively , Stable performance and reliable work.

Different from other tipping bucket rain gauges, the tipping bucket sleeve is an integrated positioning structure. The tipping bucket is installed in the bearing through the tipping bucket shaft. The internal structure is assembled before leaving the factory. There is no need to perform on-site installation of the internal structure. More convenient.

The edge of the bucket mouth of the tipping bucket rain gauge is blade-shaped, and the blade angle is 44°, which meets the requirements of the GB/T21978-2014 national standard to ensure the accuracy of monitoring. It has two output modes: RS485 and pulse signal.

The size of the tipping bucket rain gauge is 200mm, and its performance meets the requirements of the national standard GB/T 21978.2-2014 'Requirements for Precipitation Observation'.

At present, tipping bucket rain gauges are widely used in meteorological stations (stations), hydrological stations, agriculture and forestry, national defense, field observation stations and other relevant departments to measure precipitation, precipitation intensity, and precipitation time with rainfall recorders. To provide original data for flood control, water supply dispatching, and water regime management of power stations and reservoirs.

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