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Regarding dust monitoring equipment, what should be paid attention to?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-21
Regarding the dust monitoring equipment, what should be paid attention to?
The process of urbanization is accelerating, the urban economy is developing rapidly, the number of urban vehicles is growing rapidly, and the amount of pollution emissions has increased significantly. Construction sites are blooming everywhere, and the total amount of major air pollution emissions far exceeds the environmental capacity. Extensive development The construction industry has caused great damage to the urban environment and brought a series of environmental pollution problems. Especially in the vicinity of construction sites, it is often accompanied by dust. In order to do a good job in monitoring the dust on the construction site, many occasions have used dust monitoring equipment for testing. Construction enterprises should also purchase and install trustworthy according to the following points Site dust monitoring equipment.

1. Quality-guaranteed construction site dust monitoring equipment is a powerful tool for construction companies to control construction site dust pollution. Enterprises must choose construction site dust monitoring equipment with quality and quality assurance. The products selected by the company must comply with the relevant acoustic environmental quality standards and ambient air quality standards promulgated by the state, or products with dual certification at the same time are worthy of choice for the company.

2. Intelligent management and control possible

In order to facilitate the management and control of the construction site by enterprises, and to deal with the dust on the construction site in time to reduce the scope of pollution, construction enterprises need to install and use equipment that can be intelligently managed and controlled. The company headquarters monitors the construction site purposefully by setting the time and installing cameras at the relevant location. When the monitoring data exceeds the set value, it will automatically turn on the on-site dust reduction equipment to control pollutants.

3. Strong reusability

Building construction companies have numerous construction sites in various places. In order to save a lot of the cost of dust monitoring on construction and installation sites, companies need to choose easy installation and reusability. Strong monitoring equipment, the construction site dust monitoring system is installed during the construction of the construction site. After the construction site is completed, the equipment monitoring task can be moved to other construction sites that need to be monitored for continued use.

The dust monitoring system consists of a noise dust monitor, a transmission system, a monitoring software cloud platform and a spray system (fog cannon), which can monitor PM2.5, PM10, ambient temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, and noise in the on-site environment. Monitoring, video monitoring and video capture of pollutants exceeding the standard (optional), toxic and hazardous gas monitoring (optional) and other functions; the data platform is a networked platform with an Internet architecture, which has monitoring functions for each sub-station and data Various functions such as alarm processing, recording, query, statistics, report output and so on. The system can also be linked with various pollution treatment devices to achieve the purpose of automatic control.

Functions of the dust monitoring system:

(1) Automatic collection: The dust online monitor can accurately monitor the real-time meteorological elements in the construction environment through built-in high-precision sensors and wind speed and wind direction sensors. Numerical value, with the characteristics of high data measurement accuracy and low error rate, and can work automatically and uninterruptedly around the clock.

(2) Data analysis: The dust monitoring cloud platform is the monitoring terminal of the noise dust monitoring system. It receives all the data uploaded by the monitor, displays real-time data on the platform interface through numbers or dashboards, and automatically stores historical data, which can analyze the data and display it in the form of curves. Users can view and download remote monitoring in stages according to their needs: support the mobile phone to download and install the configuration software and cloud platform APP, and can remotely set the alarm value of the noise and dust monitoring station through the mobile phone, such as the upper limit of noise, the starting value of the dust, and the minimum sum of fog cannons. The longest working time, etc.

(3) Over-limit alarm and intelligent linkage: When the real-time data monitored by the monitor exceeds the set limit, the system will immediately send the mobile phone added to the platform via SMS or phone call The number sends an alarm message. If the value of PM2.5 or PM10 exceeds the dust start value, the system will send a linkage command to the sprinkler system to enable it to intelligently turn on the relevant equipment and reduce the content of particulate matter in the environment.
(4) Support customization: In order to adapt to different application sites and monitoring requirements, the noise and dust monitoring station has a single beam, a double beam, and whether it is equipped with a waterproof box. It can be customized and expanded according to user needs.
(5) Free docking with government platforms: The user provides the interface protocol of the local platform to the technical staff, and the technical staff can help the user develop the connection with the local environmental protection platform for free.

As long as construction companies install dust monitoring equipment in some sites with severe dust pollution, they can find out where problems have occurred in the first time and solve pollution problems at the source. Construction companies are using site dust monitoring systems It is also necessary to choose equipment with quality assurance, intelligent management and control, and strong reusability to achieve its own goals.

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