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Relevant knowledge about medical cold chain incubator

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-09
Relevant knowledge about medical cold chain incubator
At present, in order to meet market demand, the cold chain incubator has introduced the Internet of Things technology, through the introduction of advanced temperature sensor technology, GPS technology, wireless communication technology, etc., real-time monitoring and transparency of the quality of refrigerated drug vaccines during transportation Management.

Common cold chain equipment includes cold storage, incubators, refrigerated trucks, freezers, etc. The verification of these cold chain facilities is the basic prerequisite to ensure that cold chain drugs can always meet the temperature control requirements. The 'Pharmaceutical Business Quality Management Regulations' (hereinafter referred to as GSP) requires the implementation of uninterrupted cold chain control management, that is, the entire process of cold chain control is implemented during the storage, delivery, transportation, warehousing, and sales of drugs, and there must be Complete record.

The heat preservation performance of the incubator has higher requirements, and there must be an isolation device between the cold storage agent and the medicine. In the entire logistics process, the internal temperature data should be collected, recorded, and transmitted in real time. If there is an out-of-range situation, the automatic monitoring system is required to issue an alarm in real time to remind relevant personnel to take effective measures in time to ensure that the drug is in the entire logistics process. Safety and quality.

The new version of GSP puts forward three key requirements for the incubator:

①The refrigerator and the incubator have good insulation performance; the refrigerator has the function of automatically adjusting the temperature, and the incubator is equipped Cool storage agent and device isolated from medicine.

② During the transportation of refrigerated and frozen medicines, the temperature data in the refrigerated truck, refrigerated container or incubator should be collected, recorded, and transmitted in real time. When the temperature exceeds the specified range during transportation, the temperature and humidity automatic monitoring system shall issue an alarm command in real time, and the relevant personnel shall find out the cause and take effective measures to regulate and control in time.

③If refrigerated containers and incubators are used to transport refrigerated medicines, the medicine packaging and boxing operations shall be carried out in accordance with the verified standard operating procedures.

The cold chain incubator uses pu material, also known as polyurethane, which has good heat insulation performance, shock absorption (strong impact resistance), is hygienic and environmentally friendly, and is the preferred transportation equipment for medicines, reagents, and equipment; The outer material is made of high-strength HDPE material, even if people stand on the incubator, it will not be damaged. It is an excellent choice for long-distance transportation.

The incubator is equipped with a lid connecting strip to limit the opening and closing angle of the lid, which can effectively increase the service life of the lid hinge; it has a thickened sealing strip to increase the degree of sealing between the lid and the box body , To achieve a 100% seal; the box cover has a non-slip groove, and the bottom of the box has a non-slip protrusion. The groove and the protrusion are closely matched to prevent sliding during transportation.

The cold chain incubator provides 24-hour uninterrupted service, with local temperature display and storage, GPRS data upload, sound and light alarms when temperature is critical or over-limit, and SMS alarms, etc., which can be mastered anytime, anywhere Real-time upload of temperature, humidity, and location information. The temperature data upload interval can be set between 1-60 minutes, and the battery is built-in. When the road section with poor signal (such as tunnel) cannot be uploaded during transportation, the machine can temporarily store the data, and it can automatically resume the transmission to the cloud after the signal is restored. The platform to ensure the continuity of data.

When the incubator is delivered to the destination, you can connect to a Bluetooth printer to print the temperature and humidity data receipt, and deliver the incubator and temperature and humidity data records together.

What are the precautions when using the cold chain incubator?

①Please check the ice box for leakage before use. Once it is damaged, please stop using it.

②Freezing time: The lower the temperature, the shorter the freezing time; the less the goods, the shorter the freezing time.

③The door seal is the seal of the incubator, and it should be kept intact to avoid hanging or falling.

④The cold storage material is non-toxic and harmless, but it is not edible. If you accidentally touch the eyes, wounds, etc., please rinse with water.

⑤Please freeze the ice box completely before using it, and avoid touching the frozen ice box directly with your hands to prevent frostbite.

⑥ If the medicine is required to be stored and transported above 0 degrees, in order to avoid freezing the medicine, please place the frozen ice box in the room temperature environment for about 30 minutes, and then put it in the incubator and seal the package together with the medicine. Avoid direct contact between the medicine and the ice box.

⑦If you carry it on the plane, you can check it on the same plane without making a special statement. If you have any questions, you can pass the security inspection process by declaring it as an ice bag or water ice.

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