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Remediation of environmental pollution, construction site dust monitoring system is in action

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-11
Remediation of environmental pollution, construction site dust monitoring system is in action
In recent years, with the rapid development of economic construction and urbanization, the number of construction sites has been increasing, resulting in increased environmental pollution, which in turn affected the frequent occurrence of fog and haze in autumn and winter in the north. This set of 'polluting one-stop' not only severely affected the urban air quality, ecological environment and economic development, but also caused great harm to the health of residents. Therefore, in order to improve air quality, it is urgent to rectify dust pollution on construction sites.

To rectify the dust pollution, it is necessary to understand the dust pollution first, and then use the construction site dust monitoring system to monitor. Therefore, this article will describe the fugitive dust pollution from three aspects: the hazards of fugitive dust pollution, the parameters of fugitive dust pollution and the function of the fugitive dust monitoring system.

1. The hazards of dust pollution

The dust pollution not only destroys the urban environment, but also endangers the health of citizens. Most of them enter the lungs through the nasal cavity and throat, causing changes in lung function, neurological diseases, etc., and spreading a variety of epidemic diseases through the air. Many germs and viruses are attached to the surface of the dust to infect; particulate matter in the atmosphere will reduce visibility and easily form Dense smoke and fog cause serious visual pollution; the increase of dust and particulate matter in the air can easily form precipitation, and the acidic substances in the air can form acid precipitation, which has a strong corrosive effect on the surface of metals, building materials and cultural relics; construction dust is for cities The growth of green plants may affect, block the stomata and reduce its photosynthesis.

2. Parameters of dust pollution

In the traditional sense, PM2.5 is an important indicator of dust pollution monitoring.

Since construction sites are often concentrated in densely populated urban areas, the impact of construction site dust on air quality has attracted increasing attention. In order to effectively monitor construction site dust pollution, accept supervision and complaints from citizens, and jointly build green construction sites. For these reasons, we must not only monitor PM2.5 on the construction site, but also conduct online monitoring of environmental data such as temperature and humidity, PM10, noise, wind speed and direction.

3. Methods of monitoring dust

Because of the characteristics of dust in the construction site, there are many points, wide areas, dynamic changes, etc., if you want to find out in time, deal with it in time, and upload it to the government cloud platform in real time , It is necessary to install a dust monitoring system. However, there are many dust monitoring equipment on the market. How to choose a good dust monitoring system? The editor here recommends the construction site dust monitoring system developed and produced.

The construction site dust monitoring system

The composition of the construction site dust monitoring system:

1, the dust monitor

The dust monitor is a device specially used for environmental monitoring on the construction site . This device can be equipped with multiple environmental monitoring sensors, which can be used to monitor various environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, noise, PM2.5/PM10, wind speed and direction.

2. Environmental cloud platform

The environmental cloud platform can receive the data uploaded by the dust monitor, and analyze and control the cloud platform. Data upload can be transferred to two places: environmental cloud platform and government cloud platform.

①The function of the environmental cloud platform: the industry version of the web platform is specially developed for remote management. It does not require users to use their own servers for free. It has multiple terminal login methods such as computer web pages, mobile apps, and WeChat notarization numbers. It can receive the data uploaded by the dust monitor in real time, and support data display, storage, analysis, downloading, etc., and can be linked with pollution control equipment such as fog cannons to achieve the purpose of remote automatic control.

②The significance of the fugitive dust monitoring system: The fugitive dust monitoring system is installed to respond to national policies and help the macro-control of environmental governance. Therefore, the data from the dust monitor should be able to be uploaded to the cloud platform of the government environmental protection bureau.

Data upload to the government cloud platform, according to different local policies, you can choose GPRS/4G data upload, network port networking and other upload methods.

It should be noted that no matter which connection method is selected, there is no charge for connecting the dust monitor to the EPA cloud platform. As long as the dust monitor has the function of uploading data and provides a government platform docking agreement (issued by the local government platform), after confirmation, it can complete the free docking with the environmental protection bureau cloud platform, and the government can supervise it in real time.

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