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Rikasensor launched fire safety training On September 4th, 2020

Rikasensor launched fire safety training On September 4th, 2020


In order to popularize fire safety knowledge, reduce fire hazards, and further strengthen the awareness of fire safety, on the morning of September 4th, the community invited Instructor Dai from the Fire Propaganda Department to train company staff on fire safety knowledge. All Rika staff participated in this training.

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This training emphasized the importance of mastering fire safety knowledge, citing recent and daily typical cases to demonstrate the serious consequences and hazards caused by weak fire safety awareness. Focusing on the causes of various fire accidents, first aid, self-rescue, fire fighting, etc., detailed demonstrations of the use of fire self-rescue breathing apparatus, fire extinguishers, etc., so that everyone should pay attention to the use of various fire fighting tools and fire safety details in daily life. Have a deeper and practical understanding.

This fire safety knowledge training corrected many misunderstandings in fire protection knowledge, improved the safety awareness of all Rika staff and their ability to deal with emergencies, and deeply realized the importance of fire fighting tools and fire prevention work.

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