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Rikasensor Shrimp Carnival!

Rikasensor Shrimp Carnival!


Rikasensor Shrimp Carnival!

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In order to enrich the life of Rika sensor employees

Further enhance team cohesion

Rika Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Hereby in the middle of the year

The Shrimp Conference event is arranged! ! !

Are you ready to be hired?


   The original intention of the activity

If the company is likened to a ship, the company leaders of RAYICA are at the helm, and Rika’s family members are the core strength.

Therefore, in order to create a positive, united and cooperative workforce, create a warm, harmonious and inclusive team atmosphere, enhance team cohesion, and enhance employees' professional happiness.

On Friday, June 17, 2022, in the middle of the year, Ruiyika Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. specially invited all employees to carry out the "Shrimp Sheng Conference" team building activity.

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The team building activities are colorful and interesting. Let's review the wonderful moments of the team building together!


   Event site

In the evening, before the twilight came and the event had not yet started, the Ruiyika family members arrived at the scene one after another with enthusiasm and anticipation.

As the atmosphere in the venue continued to heat up, 

at that time, the cool and refreshing cold beers were arranged in an orderly manner, and the layers of crayfish were the most eye-catching scenery on the scene.Afterwards, the event was officially opened.

 The big guys ate and enjoyed it to the fullest. The carnival on the tip of the tongue stirred the taste buds, as if every pore on the whole body was cheering and jumping.

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   Shrimp Carnival

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Eating crayfish and drinking refreshing beer is a pleasant enjoyment. It is the original intention of the event to gather the feast of food and the heart of the team. Without further ado, let's have a toast!

Simply drinking a beer, peeling a crayfish, grilling on a skewer, enjoying the wine, talking about everything, the atmosphere is hot and hot.

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   Activity conclusion

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In a harmonious atmosphere, the team building activities came to a successful conclusion, and our family members of Ruiyika got a good relaxation in body and soul.

ImageImageImageImage.Swipe left and right to see more.

Beer, crayfish and the most familiar friends, together this summer, become the most satisfying and unique team building memory.

This activity allowed Riyika colleagues to relax in their busy and busy work, release work pressure, and devote themselves to the next work with a more positive and full mental state.

At the same time, it also enhances the communication between small partners in various departments, enhances team cohesion,

 shows the team spirit of friendship and mutual assistance, and adds color to our work and life!

I hope that we will continue to happily devote ourselves to our work in the future ~ go hand in hand and forge ahead!

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